Sony wants to become the “Nike of eSports” with the Inzone line

Kazuo Kii, Executive Vice President of Sony, gave an interview to the Nikkei portal talking about the Inzone line of peripherals. Produced with a focus on high-performance professionals in eSports, the products aim to raise the brand’s level to have the same relevance that Nike has in traditional sports.

Kii does not see a dominant brand in this scenario, even entering “late” in such a market, and he sees a great opportunity in the sector. The executive also said he does not have the console audience as his main target and intends to provide cutting-edge options for PC gamers – despite the devices being compatible with both.

Asked about the strategy for the Inzone line, Kii said the following:

Hardcore PC gamers. Let’s start at the top and learn what the best eSports players want. The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike providing footwear for athletes. You can win cash prizes in eSports. If a monitor’s response time lags a little, you lose. Sony products will not let people down in these battles.

Also according to the executive, the project has been under development over the past three years. When the Japanese giant established itself in the TV market, the next step was gaming peripherals. As advanced by Kii, the TVs of the Bravia line will have interactions with the new devices.

Sony Inzone: new monitors and gaming headsets

Learn more about Sony’s Inzone monitors and headsets

Sony has already revealed several details of its new line of peripherals and hardware focused on PC gamers. Learn more about pricing and product compatibility with consoles by clicking here.

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