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This Tuesday and Wednesday (12th and 13th), the amazon intensifies its promotions exclusively for members Prime. But there are such interesting offers that often the discount already compensates for the price of a monthly plan.

We’ve separated some specials for users of Apple products, so you don’t miss any news. Check out!

Keep in mind that the products have limited stock. So it is possible that many of the offers posted here are no longer available if you take too long to discover them.

So if you want to take advantage of these two days to save, don’t waste time.

Another thing: let’s focus on the offers available on the Brazilian site. For the American site, we have already commented here in another article.

Amazon Prime Member

First of all you need to be a prime memberas the offers of these days are exclusive to them.

The interesting part is that, in case you are not already, you can open one and have one month free to test. So you can take advantage of the promotions and still know all the products that the package offers.


With the subscription you have access to Prime Videoto Amazon Music and to free shipping on the discounts you guarantee on Prime Day.

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