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Telecine and Festival do Rio present a special online edition for all of Brazil

For the second consecutive year, Telecine, a specialist cinema brand, and the Rio Festival, one of the most traditional and prestigious events in Latin America, are together to exclusively promote another edition of the online show with unreleased films from different nationalities. and great international repercussion. Between the 15th and 24th of July, Telecine, within Globoplay, brings a selection of ten films from eight countries that extol plurality and diversity. Each day, a long premiere on the platform, always at 10 am, and available for 24 hours. On Fridays and Sundays, Telecine Cult shows, at 10 pm, some of the main features of the selection.

“A Felicidade das Pequenas Coisas” is the opening film of the Rio Festival on Telecine and will be available for free online for non-subscribers and, at 10 pm, on Telecine Cult, on Friday, July 15th. The film was the first Bhutanese production nominated for an Oscar and was nominated in 2022 in the Best International Film category.

On the 16th, it’s the turn of the dramatic comedy “The Last Night”, which brings together Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Roman Griffin Davis and Annabelle Wallis. The never-before-seen thriller “The Hall of Huda”, by Palestinian Hany Abu-Assad, is requested for Sunday, the 17th. The plot addresses the complex conflict between Palestine and Israel, showing both sides. New in Brazil, the drama “Blue Bayou” opens on Monday, 18th. Directed, scripted and starring Justin Chon, the feature was nominated for the Toronto Film Festival and was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. Also featured at the Toronto Film Festival, the French film “Arthur Rambo – Hatred on the Networks” is Tuesday’s attraction and invites the public to a debate on cancellation on social media.

Filmmaker Paul Schrader, who will win an honorary Golden Lion at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, will be present in the Telecine special on Wednesday, the 20th, with the work “The Letter Counter”, starring Oscar Isaac. Intense from start to finish, the thriller mixes drama and suspense. The unreleased “Rabiye Kurnaz vs George W. Bush”, from Germany, will be available on the platform on Thursday, 21. The feature won two awards at the Berlin Film Festival, in an edition marked by women, such as Meltem Kaptan, elected best actress for her character in the film, while Laila Stieler won the Best Screenplay category. On Friday, the 22nd, the news is the Ukrainian title “Olga”, winner of the SACD Award for best new authors at the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival. The story takes place at the end of 2013, a period in which the country, currently at war, faced another era of effervescence.

The second weekend of the Rio Festival on Telecine has more highlights. Unprecedented in Brazil, the French production “Nights of Paris” can be seen on Saturday, 23. Directed by Mikhaël Hers and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Quito Rayon, Richter, Noée Abita and Megan Northam in the cast, the feature participated in the Berlin Film Festival. To close the special, on Sunday, the national comedy “O Pai da Rita” (Photograph) brings the strength of black protagonism with Ailton Graça, Wilson Rabelo and Jéssica Barbosa. In the plot, filmmaker Joel Zito Araújo promotes a real dive into the universe of samba, from the soundtrack to the main characters, two composers from a samba school.

The Rio Festival takes place in person in cinemas in Rio de Janeiro from October 6 to 16, 2022.

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