Uber: See who released documents from the company’s new scandal

Last Sunday (10), a investigative article released more than 124,000 leaked internal documents from the Uber between 2013 and 2017 that reveal unethical strategies for company expansion. This Tuesday (12), the newspaper The Guardian revealed the name of the informant responsible for disclosing the documents.

Irishman Mark MacGann was one of Uber’s lobbyists between 2014 and 2016in addition to being recognized as one of the best professionals in the field in Europe. The former employee leaked the information because he believed that the car travel platform “sold people lies” when trying to convince different governments to change taxi legislation — the company claimed that it would bring economic benefits.

“The company’s approach in these places was essentially to break the law, show how amazing Uber’s service was, and then change the law. My job was to bypass city officials, build relationships with the highest level of government, and negotiate. It was also to deal with the aftermath,” MacGann said.

MacGann went public because he regretted having participated in the unethical strategies.MacGann went public because he regretted having participated in the unethical strategies.Source: Unsplash

unethical strategies

The lobbyist said he regrets joining the company and helping to gain the trust of drivers, consumers and political elites. Uber recently entered into an agreement to pay MacGann $550,000 for a bonus the company owed.

In addition to revealing political lobbying to advance Uber’s expansion in different countries, the documents released by the lobbyist also reveal that the company created a button to turn off servers and prevent authorities from accessing the data.

“We understand that Mark has personal regrets about his years of unwavering loyalty to our previous leadership, but he is in no position to speak credibly about Uber today. It is noteworthy that Mark felt compelled to ‘whip’ only after his check has cleared,” Uber revealed in response to the The Guardian.

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