Ukraine bombs Russian-occupied southern region, killing seven; see images | Ukraine and Russia

In an offensive to try to regain its territories, Ukraine bombed this Tuesday (12) the region of Kherson, in the south of the country, currently under Russian rule. At least seven people died and nearly 60 were injured, according to the Moscow occupation forces.

On Monday (11), the Ukrainian government revealed plans to reconquer territories occupied by Russia, in the south and east of the country, using weapons and equipment that have been supplied to the country by the United States and European countries.

That’s what happened in the attack on Tuesday, according to the deputy commander of the administration of the Russian occupation forces in Kherson, Ekaterina Gubareva. Gubareva confirmed the toll of seven dead and accused the Ukrainian forces of having used the American system of multiple rocket launchers HIMARS.

“It is clear that it was a deliberate, violent and cynical attack with high-precision missiles. Here there are no military targets (…) warehouses were hit, as well as shops, a pharmacy, gas stations and even a church,” said the commander of the civic-military administration installed by the Russians in the Kherson region, Vladimir Leontiev.

Destroyed road on the outskirts of Kherson, a Russian-occupied city in southern Ukraine that Kiev is trying to recapture. — Photo: Marko Djurica/ Reuters

Ukraine did not give a death toll and said it had attacked military targets in Nova Kakhovka, with a balance of 52 Russian soldiers and an ammunition depot destroyed.

Images released by the occupation authorities show several destroyed buildings. “Dozens of houses were hit … we are pulling people out of the rubble,” Leontiev declared. “It’s a terrible tragedy. The number of victims will increase because the magnitude of the damage is enormous.”

The Kherson region, which borders the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014, is largely occupied by Russian forces, which invaded Ukraine on February 24. The Ukrainian army is investing in the counteroffensive in the region, taking advantage of the fact that most Russian troops are deployed in Donbass, eastern Ukraine.

On Monday (11), Kiev said it had managed to regain territory and approached Kherson, a city of 290,000, but still had not been able to advance deep into the Russian defense area.

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