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It will be the first meeting between the parties to address the matter. The meeting will take place at CT Moacyr Barbosa, in Cidade de Deus, where he trains the professional team.

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Alex Teixeira was at Besiktas, in Turkey — Photo: Mehmet Eser/Getty Images

A Vasco official heard by the report said it is “unlikely” that the deal will be closed at this meeting, but there is, at the same time, great optimism in the football department. The possibility that there will be a significant advance or even a hit is not ruled out. People close to the player also believe in the deal.

Currently without a club after terminating with Besiktas, from Turkey, Alex Teixeira returned to Rio de Janeiro last Friday and has already signaled that he is interested in wearing the shirt of the club that revealed him again. This is one of the main reasons for trust on the part of the club.

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In addition, Thais Cristina, the player’s wife, is pregnant with the couple’s third child, which could weigh in the balance in favor of a return home. Born in Duque de Caxias, Alex left Rio in 2009 and toured Ukraine, China and Turkey in recent years.

This Monday, in a video (see below) posted on social media by his brother, Alex Teixeira appears playing futmesa with his friend Fernandão.

– This is Vascão, let it arrive, it’s gone – Alex cheered after hitting a point, raising the crowd’s expectations even more.

Dudu Teixeira did a live on Instagram and, at one point, asked Vasco to hire the ex-Goiás striker and said that his brother “was already right”. This has inflamed Vasco da Gama, but on the side of the club, caution is maintained.

In negotiation with Vasco, Alex Teixeira jokes on video: "This is Vasco!"

In negotiation with Vasco, Alex Teixeira jokes on video: “Aqui é Vascão!”

Cards on the table and influencer lobby

With the indisputable interest of both parties, now is the time to discuss salaries, values, contractual time and other details. This Tuesday’s meeting will serve, above all, for the club and player to talk, understand each other’s conditions and try to reach an agreement.

On Vasco’s side, football executive Carlos Brazil is responsible for touching up the conversations. The club also has an important ally in this case: streamer Casimiro, who is a friend of Alex Teixeira and has a good relationship with the club. The vascaíno even joked on his Twitter this Monday, calling on fans to become partners and help pay the striker’s salary. Other influencers joined in the campaign for the club to reach 100,000 members.

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The project that will be presented cannot go beyond the attributions of the football department because the club expects to hand over, at the latest by the beginning of next month, the command of the operation in the hands of 777 Partners, which is negotiating the purchase of 70% of vascaine SAF. Marketing, for example, is out of the question: Vitor Roma, VP of the portfolio, will be in a meeting with President Jorge Salgado this Tuesday.

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Like every player with whom Vasco has negotiated since the signing of the memorandum of understanding in February, the name of Alex Teixeira has the backing of the American group. A person linked to 777 said that “everything is in Vasco’s hands”, referring to the possibility of hiring the striker.

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