Will Barney be in Cobra Kai season 5?

How I Met Your Mother is not only one of the most beloved comedy series in the world, but was also – indirectly – responsible for attracting new fans to the franchise. Karate Kid. Once his iconic womanizing character, Barney Stinsonjoked and predicted the idea for the current and successful spin-off of Netflix. Therefore, could your interpreter, Neil Patrick Harrisparticipate as an “easter egg” in Snake Kai?

At first, the current show – which is headed for the premiere of its fifth season in September – was an original project of “YouTube Red” (now called “premium“). In fact, which did reasonably well for the first two seasons, but rose to stardom after migrating from streaming to streaming. “everything” in 2020. So now that returns to the saga are commonplace, could we have bolder references?

With that in mind, come with the Streaming Brazil and understand how Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) in How I Met Your Mother could participate in the 5th season of Snake Kai (or later) in Netflix!

What is the origin of the relationship in between HIMYM and Snake Kai?

(William Zabka’s best moments in HIMYM)

At first – as detailed in a previous dedicated post – fans of the sitcom saw the blonde bachelor subvert their expectations by revealing that he had always considered Daniel Larusso the villain of Karate Kid: The Moment of Truth (1984). Also, emphasizing that his childhood hero would have been Johnny Lawrence.

Then the 2009 joke returned in 2013 in the 8th and penultimate season of How I Met Your Mother. This time, where the original actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, played themselves as guests. However, the idea extended into the 9th and final season, in which Zabka returned as a supporting role – relatively important – in the plot.

As a result, Karate Kid, Barney Stinson and Johnny Lawrence became associated. Therefore, many theorized that this would have been why the spin-off came about. In this sense – even after the creators deny this -, the participation of Neil Patrick Harris in Snake Kai, as retribution, has been expected. But for now, see also:

“How I Met Your Mother was not the real inspiration for the spin-off. However, the series has attracted a new generation of fans to the franchise. So they watched the movie after the episodes. […] In the end, it’s curious how everything connects […] and someone on a blog [referência ao Barney] started talking about who the real ‘bully’ was.”Ralph Macchio commented.

– via Omelet

Snake Kai will have share Special in Barney Stinson?

As seen, HIMYM not only popularized the central proposal of the current spin-off of Netflix as well as associated the character Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) to karate Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Therefore, given the history of Zabka, fans suggest that there is a retribution – or “exchange of favors” – with Harris in Snake Kai. However, the old idea did not materialize until then, making room for the 5th and next season to finally meet this demand.

For now, there are no confirmations that such participation will actually occur. But due to a “recent” photo (July 2021) on Instagram in Julia Macchiowife of Ralph (Daniel Larusso), together with the actor of Barney Stinson, the proposal resurfaced. See:

In fact, no one has ruled out such a possibility so far, which makes the participation of Neil Patrick Harris in Snake Kai more like “when” than “what if”. So, follow us and see the scenarios for your participation in the spin-off of Karate Kid.

ideas to the participation Special

Banner and poster for cameo and cameo by Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother in Cobra Kai (Karate Kid spin-off with William Zabka as Jhonny Lawrence)
(play credits: CBS/Netflix)

In short, for the proposal to work, the participation would have to be that of the actor Neil Patrick Harris as himself – or even a new character. Since How I Met Your Mother establishes that in your world Karate Kid and consequently, Snake Kai, are works of fiction. That is, making it impossible for Barney Stinsonwhich would be a confusion and a great concern, for deviating from the theme.

In this sense, due to his performing gifts, Harris could introduce herself in the same way as the singer Carrie Underwood did in season 4. On the other hand, some fans for reddit suggest that he play a doctor, who would tend to an injured karateka and reference his previous role as the series’ protagonist. Doogie Howser, MD..

Barney Stinson at the spin off in How I Met Your Mother?

Banner and poster for Barney Stinson's (Neil Patrick Harris) cameo and cameo in How I Met Your Father the HIMYM spin-off
(play credits: CBS/Hulu)

Finally, similarly to the derivative of Karate Kid, Snake Kaithe fans of Barney Stinson have also expressed their desire to revisit the character in the new series How I Met Your Father. Since the current spin-off takes place in the same “universe” as the original series, Inclusive, having already had Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) back. Nonetheless, Hilary Duff and Neil Patrick Harris disagree with the idea. Check it out:

“A participation worries me […] as Barney’s delusions of grandeur caused confusion. Because of this, unless he’s adjusted or entered a convent, I’m not sure. [se daria certo]”, Harris reflected.

“I don’t know if you agree, but I really think Barney would be… stuck in 2022”, Duffprotagonist of the spin-off, added in an interview with the actor.

– via wondercade

Furthermore, it is also to be expected that Snake Kai bring even more references to the films of Karate Kid. Of course, with old-time characters such as Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) and Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who searched their old papers. Therefore, many fans ask that Hilary Swank and Jaden Smith appear like Julie Pierce and Dre Parker.

In any case, with Season 5 arriving on September 9th we’ll see what the Netflix reserved for us fans in these long-awaited new episodes.

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