With 5G, Brazilians will have to pay to change satellite dishes; see why

4G is in the process of being replacement by 5G, 20 times faster and more stable internet. Coverage has been increasing in Brazil, but the impact of the new configuration will affect 10 million Brazilians. Regulatory agencies issued a statement stating that no institution can interfere in this change, considering the measures taken to be positive.

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Satellite dishes still work primarily to ensure the quality of the television signal. Despite digital connectivity, many homes still have this device that is located on top of the residences. Between houses and apartments, the devices will need to be removed as soon as possible, avoiding the delay of the operation of the companies.

In a few months, satellite dishes will cease to exist, giving way to 5G connectivity

If the antennas remain, interference can compromise the provision of services connected to 5G. That’s why the C band will cease to exist in 18 months, creating a new technological demand. Some technicians will be available for requests involving the removal of the dishes, at a cost that may vary by region.

Half of the Brazilian population will have to take the money out of their own pockets, seeking to meet local requirements. Those who have a CadÚnico registration, receiving government assistance due to lack of access to resources, will have a free benefit aimed at exiting the antenna. To replace it, it is recommended to buy a digital signal, avoiding the disconnection of free channels.

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