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Globo/João Miguel Júnior
Thelma (Grazi Massafera) and Jorge (Thiago Lacerda) in Páginas da Vida (photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

Life pages it’s coming to an end. The last week of the rerun of the Viva channel and promises great emotions. If you don’t remember the ending of the plot, learn everything that happens in the work of Manoel Carlos.

What is Martha’s ending?

Martha (Lilia Cabral) almost dies in the last chapter of the novel, but is saved by the spirit of Nanda (Fernanda Vasconcellos). The bitch is slowly losing her sanity.

She sees her daughter’s ghost frequently, to the point of hanging from the balcony of her apartment. About to fall, Nanda approaches and holds her mother’s hand.

Martha smiles and goes downstairs. In the end, she ends up alone and embittered, supported by the spirit of the daughter she so disowned and humiliated.

Marta (Lilia Cabral) in Páginas da Vida (Reproduction/Globo) (photo: photo:)

What happens to Greg and Sandra?

Greg (José Mayer) is shot by carmen (Natália do Vale) and becomes lame. But, oddly enough, he is not arrested for embezzling money from Tide (Tarcísio Meira).

The heartthrob becomes a lover of Sandra (Danielle Winits), who strikes a blow at Machadão (Zé Victor Castiel). The doorman wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire. With that, he starts to play the naughty.

However, Sandra still experiences the sadness of having lost George (Thiago Lacerda), your great love, for Thelma (Grazi Massafera), his sister.

Who takes care of Nanda’s children?

In the last chapter of Páginas da Vida, the hearing for the custody of clear (Joana Mocarzel) and Francis (Gabriel Kaufmann).

After long depositions and a lot of indecision, the judge gives the sentence: Clara stays with Helena (Regina Duarte) and Francisco with Alex (Marcus Caruso).

leo (Thiago Rodrigues), the children’s father, earns the right to live with his children. The entrepreneur gets olivia (Ana Paula Arósio) at the end of the plot.

Fernanda Vasconcellos and Joana Mocarzel backstage at Páginas da Vida (photo: photo:)

Who stays with whom in Pages of Life?

Many couples form in the soap opera. Tide stays with Tônia (Sônia Braga). Silvio (Edson Celulari) stays with Márcia (Helena Ranaldi). Carmem, on the other hand, gives Domingos (Joelson Medeiros) a chance.

The boring couple Renato (Caco Ciocler) and Isabel (Vivianne Pasmante) also get right. Giselle (Pérola Faria) stays with Luciano (Rafael Almeida).

What is the Bad Sister’s secret?

the unpalatable Sister Mary (Marly Bueno) suffers a bad fall from the stairs at the end of the plot. she is saved by lavinia (Letícia Sabatella) and reveals her big secret.

The reason for such resentment is that she had an abortion when she was young. The nun never managed to free herself from the trauma and takes out her hatred on everyone. But in the end, she asks forgiveness from Lavinia, who makes her vows and puts a stop to Diogo (Marcos Paulo).

Olivia (Ana Paula Arósio) and Léo (Thiago Rodrigues) in Páginas da Vida (Reproduction/Globo) (photo: photo:)

other events

In the last chapter, Marina (Marjorie Estiano) makes peace with Carmem. About that, bira (Eduardo Lago) gets rid of addiction and finds a new love. The same happens with Lívia (Ana Furtado).

Eliseu (Luciano Chirolli) loses everything and breaks up with Verônica (Silvia Salgado). Kelly (Sthefany Brito), who stays with Fred (Duda Nagle). Marcelo (Thiago Picchi) and Rubinho (Fernando Eiras) adopt Margareth’s (Carolina Bezerra) baby.

Angelica (Cláudia Mauro) dies after a bus is set on fire and Gabriela (Carolina Oliveira) settles down with Selma (Elisa Lucinda). Already Alice (Regiane Alves) gets a rich boyfriend and has her moment of glory when she sees Leo lose custody of the twins.

In the end, the long-awaited wedding of Jorge and Thelma takes place. In the last scene, Helena and Alex walk with the twins alongside Leo, Olivia and the spirit of Nanda.

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