Amazon Prime Day 2022 is not over yet: see best deals

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is not over yet. Today (13) is the last day for you to take advantage of discounts that exceed 50% on some products.

As everything is very expensive, tilt gave a helping hand and selected the best deals on headphones, smart speaker (smart speaker), home appliance and more.

Offers are exclusive to Amazon subscribers. For those who do not subscribe to the service, it is possible to register and test for 30 days free. During this period, you will have access to all discounts and benefits, such as free shipping throughout Brazil on several purchases, and the Prime Video catalog of movies and series. After the trial period, you are charged R$ 14.90 per month.

Check out our selection of products on offer on Amazon Prime Day 2022:

Echo Dot (3rd Generation): Smart Speaker with Alexa

Price: from BRL 349 to BRL 149* (57% discount)

Echo Dot 3rd generation - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

The Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s most popular smart speakers. It is compact in size and can be used in a variety of situations and locations, from living rooms to bedrooms. It brings together various functions, such as a sound box, and can be connected to other smart devices in the house via Bluetooth.

The main attraction is the presence of the Alexa virtual assistant, which works by voice command and allows you to listen to the news, consult the weather forecast and also control appliances in your home.

Echo Dot (4th Generation): Smart Speaker with Alexa

Price: from BRL 399 to BRL 249* (38% discount)

Echo dot 4 black, from Amazon - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

It is an updated version of the Echo Dot. The device brings novelties both in design, which resembles a sphere, and in its components. In the second aspect, the speaker with frontal direction and greater capacity to reproduce bass sounds stands out.

Other than that, it retains the functions of the Alexa assistant, which can be voice commanded and control smart devices in your home. It also connects with other devices via Bluetooth. Available in black, bank and blue colors.

JBL Tune 230NCTWS In-Ear Bluetooth Headset

Price: from BRL 699 to BRL 531.62 (24% discount)

JBL Tune 230NCTWS In-Ear Earphone Black - Disclosure - Disclosure

JBL Tune 230NCTWS In-Ear Earphone Black

Image: Disclosure

In-ear headset (which fits deeper into the ear, directly into the ear canal, with the help of rubbers) with bluetooth technology and active noise cancellation. According to JBL, the battery lasts up to 10 hours of use, with another 30 hours of backup in the charging case.

It has an IPX4 rating, which means that the headphones can withstand splashes of water, sweat or light rain, making the equipment interesting for sports practices. The stems receive commands (such as controlling the songs played) directly on the headphones.

JBL Tune 130NCTWS In-Ear Bluetooth Headset

Price: from BRL 530.51 to BRL 385.90 (27% discount)

JBL Tune 130NCTWS In-Ear Bluetooth Headset Black - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

The 130NCTWS headset is cheaper than its brother 230NCTWS due to the absence of stems to control what is being played. According to JBL, this device also has up to 10 hours of runtime, in addition to the charging case’s 30-hour backup. Features IPX4 rating, bluetooth and active noise cancellation

Air Fryer Family Inox Mondial

Price: from BRL 429.90 to BRL 359.90 (16% discount)

Family Inox air fryer - Mondial - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

With a capacity of 4 liters, this air fryer bakes, cooks, browns and fries. In addition to, of course, preparing several recipes for a special lunch. The fryer also offers temperature control up to 200°C and a 60-minute timer that automatically switches the appliance off.

Kindle 10th Generation

Price: from R$449 to R$319* (29% discount)

Kindle 10th Gen with Built-in Lighting - Playback/Amazon - Playback/Amazon
Image: Reproduction/Amazon

The popular e-book reader has a 6-inch (15.2 cm) anti-glare screen, with a surface that mimics the tactile feel of paper. Comes with backlight, with four leds fulfilling this function, which helps a lot in night readings. The internal capacity is 8GB, and the battery tends to last up to six weeks.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner WAP ROBOT W300 Bivolt

Price: from BRL 1,499.90 to BRL 1,055.73* (27% discount)

Robot vacuum cleaner W300 - WAP - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

This vacuum cleaner has a double rotating brush, useful for removing dust from corners of the walls. It is operated by means of a remote control and has a function that intensifies the suction force, something interesting when vacuuming carpets. Its autonomy varies between 45 minutes and 1h15, and once the charge is low, the device automatically returns to the charging base.

Fire TV Stick Full HD with Alexa

Price: from BRL 379 to BRL 239* (37% discount)

Fire TV Stick - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


Fire TV uses any display’s HDMI input to stream content, which includes services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In this version, it streams videos in 1080p and has Dolby audio atmospheres. It has a remote control that can be activated via voice and has the Alexa assistant built-in. It can also be paired with other Amazon devices such as echo dot.

Wapore Up Wap vertical extractor and vacuum

Price: from BRL 1,389.90 to BRL 820 (41% discount)

Extractor - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

This steam extractor is ideal for cleaning floors, laminates and rugs. It has a capacity of 450 ml of clean water. It has a steam intensity control system, where you adjust to the type of surface you want. The model is 127 volts.

Panini Gourmet Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

Price: from BRL 449 to BRL 299.90* (33% discount)

Panini Gourmet Sandwich Maker - Hamilton Beach - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

In addition to guaranteeing the preparation of sandwiches in 10 minutes, pressed in any thickness, this sandwich maker has a floating lid for uniform pressure, non-stick grids and indicator lights for operation and preheating.

*Prices and list were checked on 07/13/2022 to update this article. It may be that they vary over time.

UOL may receive a portion of sales through the links recommended in this content. Store prices and offers do not influence editorial selection criteria.

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