Anglica opens the game about giving Luciano Huck a ‘night voucher’ and surprises

Luciano Huck and Anglica (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

the participation of anglican on the podcast ‘Quem Pode, Pod’, caused a lot of buzz, as the presenter revealed intimate details about her personal life. In the interview, the ex-global was asked about giving her husband a nigth voucher and did not shy away from the questioning.

Anglica said that her husband has a crush on American actress Scarlett Johansson and with her, she would release him for a hot night. ‘Then he comes back and tells me how it went’surprised and added: ‘I think she’s so wonderful that I also have a crush on her’.

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J reversing the position, the presenters Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank, Anglica asked if she had someone who would run into one night with her husband’s permission. The presenter then answered yes and the chosen one was Brad Pitt: ‘That was one that aged well.’

grumpy Luciana Huck

Still talking about her husband, the blonde confessed that, over time, Luciano Huck ended up getting ‘boring’ for some things, especially parties. Anglica recalled a moment when her husband turned off the music at Andr Marques’s party and recalled other situations.

‘He’s a party guy, but he gets older, he gets tired and we adapt’defended.

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