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Players had to stay on the street and filed a complaint at the city police stationreproduction

Published 07/12/2022 17:13

Armed men invaded Mogi Mirim’s Vail Chaves stadium in the early hours of Tuesday and expelled about 24 athletes who were sleeping there. According to the players, the men claimed to be security guards on the board formed by the company that manages the club’s football. The information was broadcast by the broadcaster ‘EPTV’.

The invasion would have been motivated by a political divergence between the current presidency of the team and the company, hired at the end of 2021, to manage the football department. The athletes went to the Mogi Mirim Police Station to file a police report.

The players, who lived in the accommodation, claimed in an interview that they did not know where to go. According to the report, 15 athletes from the under-23 team and four North American athletes, who are on an exchange program at the club, slept in the place.

“They started knocking on all the rooms and saying: come down, come down, come down. There were two who were armed, with pepper spray on their hips. There are people here from Bahia, from Rio de Janeiro. street”, said one of the athletes.

“We were kind of thrown out. Everyone was on the street, on the sidewalk, without being able to return, without any explanation. Things are all inside the rooms”, said the goalkeeper Willian.

The club’s board signed an agreement for WKM Solutions to take over the management of the club in December 2021. The company should try to modernize football and bring the team back to state and national competitions.

However, on July 7, the club’s president, Henrique de Oliveira, published a letter pointing out the company’s failure to comply with “missing the deadline for the registration of players, improper occupation of the stadium’s premises, sale of alcoholic beverages and maintenance of unregistered professional athletes”.

The board also communicated the termination of the contract with the company, which would have motivated the invasion and expulsion of the athletes. The presidency made a new position after the episode regretting the withdrawal of the players “on the basis of truculence and violence”.

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