Atlético-MG organizers fight on the road in Rio, and man is found with machete | athletic-mg

According to information provided by the Federal Highway Police of Rio de Janeiro, four people were injured, with minor injuries, in the confrontation between members of organized Galo, one of them Galoucura. The fight ended with the arrival of members of the PRF and the Special Battalion of Stadium Policing (BEP) from Rio de Janeiro. The track had to be closed for a few minutes to contain the fight.

At the time of the approach, according to the PRF, a man was found carrying a machete. Inside the car he was in and accompanying the buses, a coat of the Galoucura fans was found. He will be sent to the Special Criminal Court (Jecrim), at Maracanã, along with five more fans, involved in the confusion.

The man will be liable for the act of “promoting riot, practicing or inciting violence, or invading a place restricted to competitors in sporting events”, provided for in article 41-B of the Fan Statute.

The buses carrying the fans involved in the fight continued their journey to Rio, but the six that were detained will be taken to Jecrim.

Atlético-MG plays the classification for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, this Wednesday, at Maracanã, against Flamengo. In the first game, a 2-1 victory.

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