Auction brings iPhones and MacBook with surreal prices. How to participate?

Next week, the Federal Revenue will hold an auction of lots of items that were seized at airports and borders in Brazil.

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Next week, the Federal Revenue will hold an auction of lots of items that were seized at airports and borders in Brazil. Thus, the auction will be held in São Paulo, where packages with iPhones, Xiaomi cell phones and various electronics will be available with prices starting at R$ 300.00. Thus, on July 18, proposals will be opened.


Thus, the Federal Revenue provides lots that can have a product or even dozens of items. For example, package number 23 has only the Redmi Note 8 for the initial bid of R$ 600.00. Lots 44 and 59, on the other hand, have three Redmi 7A units, each with an initial bid of R$ 600.00. There is also a highlight for lot 204, which has a MacBook Air and an iPad, with a minimum value of R$ 3 thousand.

In addition, it is also possible to purchase two iPhones 7, with two films and a case for R$ 2,500.00 in lot 1. Lots 165, 166, 167 and 168 have a total of 4,992 Grin electric scooters. Bidding starts at R$200,000 or R$260,000, depending on the number of scooters in the lot.

How to participate in the Federal Revenue Auction?

Although it has attractive prices, participating in Federal Revenue auctions is not simple. In summary, to try to buy a lot, the interested party must perform the following steps:

  • Obtain a digital certificate (purchased separately);
  • Obtain an access code through the e-CAC Portal;
  • Access the Federal Revenue website and search for public notice number 0817900/000003/2022;
  • Submit your proposals.

The deadline for submitting proposals is July 18, at 9 pm (Brasilia time). And on July 27, the classification will be published at 9 am and the bidding session at 10 am.

Therefore, both legal and natural persons can participate in the auction, as long as they are over 18 years of age or emancipated.

Withdrawal of products

The IRS does not ship the product purchased at the auction. Therefore, if the citizen manages to purchase a package, it will be necessary to go to the place indicated by the agency to remove it. Depending on the lot, for public notice 0817900/000003/2022 the items are stored in ten different locations in the state of São Paulo, namely:

  2. AURORA EADI – Aurora Terminais e Serviços Ltda.;
  3. Barueri Multilog;
  4. CNAGA;
  5. DMA Ipiranga;
  7. LOCALFRIO SA Armazéns Gerais Frigoríficos;
  8. Mooca Multilog;
  9. Saint Andrew;
  10. SBC Lachmann.

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