Blackout: Castelão is released, and the Government of Ceará can sue Enel | ce

+ Lineup: Fortaleza is ready to face Ceará for the Copa do Brasil
+ Lineup: Ceará receives support from the crowd with an eye on Fortaleza

+ Security Department denies death of fan in Castelão during blackout

The test was carried out by the Department of Sport and Youth (Sejuv), together with the Superintendence of Public Works (SOP). Representatives of the Public Ministry, Fire Department, Military Police, Ceará Football Federation (FCF) and Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) were also present.

According to the Secretary of Sport and Youth, Rogério Pinheiro, the Government of the State of Ceará will take documentation and amounts to the State Attorney General’s Office so that it can file a legal action against the electric energy concessionaire, Enel, so that it can repair damage to Arena Castelão.

In the test, the power supply from the Enel concessionaire was turned off and the power supply from the generators was enabled. The superintendent of Public Works, Quintino Vieira, explained the operation of the generators in the equipment.

– If it happens again, and we don’t want it to happen, because since the World Cup this is the second time (in the Sport game and on Sunday), but if it happens again the third time, we already have two generators to cover the problem. We are working as if it were a hospital, generator on top of generator. It will certainly be very difficult to make a defect.

Castelão, generator — Photo: TIAGO STILLE/GOVERNO DO CEARÁ

Arena Castelão will prepare an expert report on what happened in the game between Fortaleza and Palmeiras. The match was ended due to a power outage. The report and all supporting documentation will be sent to the State Attorney General’s Office (PGE), which will be responsible for taking the appropriate legal measures.

– A contract was made through the Superintendence of Public Works. The company came to carry out an inspection at our substation, precisely to try to find out and assess the amount of energy spikes we suffered on the day of the Sunday game. With this information and after surveying all the damages caused by this energy spike, we will take all this documentation and amounts to the State Attorney General’s Office so that we can file a legal action against the electric energy concessionaire, Enel, to that it can repair all this damage to Arena Castelão, on the occasion of this electrical overload caused in the game last Sunday – said Secretary of Sport and Youth, Rogério Pinheiro.

Arena Castelão is able to receive scheduled games on the equipment. Lieutenant Colonel, Eduardo Landim, commander of the BPChoque of the Military Police of Ceará (PM-CE), highlighted the security procedures adopted for the Clássico-Rei. He highlighted how the Military Police will play in the Ceará x Fortaleza game, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, this Wednesday (13).

– The Military Police will be with 250 men inside and 209 men and women outside to provide all security with the support of state and municipal bodies, AMC and PRE, to give fluidity to the arrival and security of the supporter’s stay during the match.

“Enel Distribuição Ceará informs that at 7:50 pm this Sunday (10) the Castelão Arena lost power and, at 7:52 pm, the network that supplies the stadium was reconnected. power did not return to the stadium immediately because of an internal defect in the general circuit breaker, which was the customer’s responsibility. Teams from Enel and Castelão worked together to repair the equipment and the power supply was restored around 10pm.”

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