Bookmaker points Atlético-MG and Palmeiras as favorites in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil

Sixteen teams take to the field this week to decide which will advance to the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup. THE betfair, specialist in sports odds calculations, highlighted the matches of the knockout tournament and put on the table which are the main favorite clubs to pass the stage. Check out the predictions below.

Already this Tuesday, two matches open the games of the round of 16. O Atletico-PR receives the Bahia after the 2-1 victory at Arena Fonte Nova, and the cruise face Fluminense, in Mineirão.

According to the bookmaker, Hurricane is rated to qualify for the next phase with an 88% chance, while the most beloved club in the Northeast, Bahia, appears with only a 12% chance of taking the classification home. Athletico-PR and Bahia are in different divisions of the Brazilian: in Serie A, the red-black from Paraná is in sixth place and qualified for the quarterfinals of Libertadores; Bahia appears in third place in Serie B, eight points behind leader Cruzeiro.

In the confrontation between Cruzeiro and Fluminense, Tricolor das Laranjeiras goes to Minas Gerais with a positive phase of five consecutive victories and the presence in the G6 of the Brasileirão. Meanwhile, Raposa, undefeated playing at Mineirão this season, is in the lead of Série B of the Brasileirão and seeks to reverse the negative score of the first match, which ended 2-1 at Maracanã. In the bookmaker’s analysis, there are 28% chances for Cruzeiro to qualify, against 72% for the Carioca team to advance in the competition.

The game that opens the Wednesday of the Copa do Brasil is the classic Goiás between Atlético-GO and Goiás. This is the first time that the clubs face each other in the knockout tournament, and in the first match, a 0-0 draw at the Antônio Accioly stadium. Esmeraldino has an advantage in the overall history between clubs, with 23 wins against 20 for Dragão. In this Wednesday’s match, the bookmaker calculates that the confrontation is well balanced. The favorite to win is Atlético-GO with 52%.

Ceará and Strength dispute the Ceará classic that will guarantee a representative of the Northeast in the quarterfinals of the tournament. In the first leg, Fortaleza won 2-0 at Castelão. With both clubs in the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship and Leão with the advantage in the knockout score, Tricolor do Pici is the favorite to pass the stage according to the analysis of the bookmaker. There are 87% chances for Vojvoda’s team to continue in the competition, against only 13% for Vozão.

The main match of the day will be an interstate classic between Flamengo and Atlético-MG. The clubs started the year by deciding the Supercopa do Brasil, in February, and exchanged barbs in all matches held this year due to controversies in the refereeing. The climate, therefore, promises to be one of pressure for the decisive confrontation, as Galo won the first game at Mineirão by 2 to 1 and does not know what a defeat is for Flamengo in 2022. There are 3 games with a draw and two victories for Atlético-MG. The bookmaker calculates that Flamengo has a 33% chance of progressing from the stage, against 67% of the current champions of the Copa do Brasil 2021.

saints and Corinthians face each other in Vila Belmiro for a confrontation that the bookmaker pins as practically defined by the analysis of their statistics. With Timão’s 4-0 rout in the first leg, Santos will need to win at Baixada Santista by a five-goal difference to qualify for the next stage, according to the bookmaker, Santos’ chances of winning at least 5-0 are less than 0.20%. The analysis also points out that Timão appears with practically a 100% chance of eliminating Santos in the Copa do Brasil.

On Thursday, the last day of the decision of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, Sao Paulo and palm trees play the second match, after Tricolor took the lead with a 1-0 victory at Morumbi. Rogério Ceni’s team plays for a draw to qualify. On the other hand, Palmeiras need to win by two goals difference in normal time to advance. In the bookmaker’s analysis, however, the chances of classification are positive for Palmeiras because the decisive match is at home: there are 51% chances for Verdão to pass the stage against 49% for Tricolor.

Closing the round of the Copa do Brasil, the Botafogo receives the America-MG at Nilton Santos. The clubs have faced each other 18 times in history, and since then, there have been six wins for each side and six draws. In the first leg of the Copa do Brasil, América-MG won 3-0 at Horto, leaving the Minas Gerais club with an advantage in the classification. According to Betfair, 93% of Coelho qualify, against only 7% of the Rio club.

Atlético-MG and Palmeiras favorites to win the Copa do Brasil title

Atlético-MG and Palmeiras are the biggest favorites to win the Copa do Brasil 2022 according to the bookmaker’s analysis. Galo appears with 22% (3.66 – for every real bet on the Minas Gerais team, the bettor will receive R$ 3.66 if the result is confirmed) of chances of lifting this year’s cup, Palmeiras appears soon after, with 16% (5.0 ), followed by Flamengo, with 12% (6.5) and Corinthians with 11% (7.0). The list follows with São Paulo, in fifth place with 10% (8.0), Fortaleza and Athletico-PR with 6% (13.0) and, finally, Fluminense, with 5% (15.0).

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