Botafogo increases proposal by Martín Ojeda with Godoy Cruz

O Botafogo insists for Martín Ojeda, has the attacker as a great target and does not give up on a positive outcome. Faced with resistance from Godoy Cruz-ARG, the Alvinegro board increased the numbers and presented a new proposal to the tomb wanting the immediate release of the 23-year-old athlete.

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After talks, Godoy requested the payment of 4 million dollars (R$ 21.5 million, at the current price) for 80% of Ojeda’s economic rights, but with one condition: that he remain in the team until the end of the Argentine League. , which ends in December.

In this way, Ojeda would only be a reinforcement for 2023. Botafogo, who already has a salary agreement with the player, or the Argentine in the short term. Alvinegro increased the proposal to something close to 5 million dollars (R$ 26.9 million) and put their foot down for Godoy to give in immediately.

The player’s will is also essential. Already with salaries agreed with the club, Ojeda, despite carrying a feeling of affection for Godoy, wants to play in Brazil. Alvinegro also puts this argument on the table.

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Payment – if accepted by Godoy Cruz – will be made in installments that will be paid off until next year. Botafogo is optimistic for a positive outcome.

Martín Ojeda is one of the highlights of Argentine football in 2022. Over the weekend, he was one of the best on the field in the victory over River Plate. This season, the forward has eight goals and eight assists in 22 games.

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