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That Julio Casares needs Rogério Ceni as a political shield, until the end of his term, in December 2023, is a more than public situation.

The biggest idol in the history of São Paulo serves to alleviate the problematic management. There are more than R$ 700 million in debt, structural problems with Morumbi, a 61-year-old stadium, lack of investors and sponsors. Aside from the harsh demands of advisors for important achievements.

Winning the 2021 Paulista was relevant to break the nine-year fast without titles. But the anxiety of the counselors in winning the Brazilian is real. The last time was in 2008. The club has never won the Copa do Brasil. The last Libertadores was in 2005, as well as the World Cup. And the Copa Sudamericana, in 2012. Hence the demands.

But what made Rogério Ceni, a coach with a national market, agree to extend his contract for another year, officially signing the extension yesterday?

He officially became São Paulo’s manager. With the only difference that Rogério Ceni, as happens in some European clubs, will not earn money on the profit of players he indicates and are sold more expensive than they arrived.

What Ceni wanted to enshrine with Casares is something he never had with the former president of São Paulo, the insecure Leco.

The coach stayed from November 2016 to July 2017 in the position. The former goalkeeper considered himself betrayed by the manager. Because of a crazy break-up that Leco promoted, selling fundamental pieces, which Ceni had asked them to follow at the club. The result was defeats, pressure and summary dismissal. Feeling betrayed, the technician realized that he was used politically, as the biggest electoral corporal in Leco and, later, dispatched.

The ranco is so bad that even today, five years later, Ceni doesn’t talk about Leco. And he only returned to the club when he learned that the former manager would not have any position in the current board.

But now, under the new agreement with Casares, the coach will have full control of São Paulo’s football. Not only in the professional cast and even in the base.

From the most expensive to the cheapest.

Only players with the agreement of Ceni will be traded. No matter how good the proposals are. As well as only athletes that the coach has full knowledge of the career will be hired. It won’t be like in Leco’s times when nominations from businessmen served as endorsement. And coaches were just announcements of signings.

Contract time, loan time, everything will be decided in agreement with the coach.

Including having the right to give an opinion on the infrastructure of the Training Center and the Morumbi lawn.

Also pre-season programming will have Ceni as the ‘last word’. Even if the club is invited to lucrative tournaments. As with the Florida Cup. Everything will be analyzed and approved, or not, by the technician.

Casares decided to retain the coach to focus on finding investors. The idea of ​​transforming São Paulo into a Sociedad Anónima de Futebol, that is, having a partner willing to pay for the necessary reformulation of Morumbi and take the club out of the swirl of debts in which it is immersed, and which has only gotten much worse in Leco’s five years, is President’s fixation.

But he had to be guaranteed to have Ceni for the next 17 months.

Although he is often worn out, Muricy Ramalho has shown that he wants to stay. Working with Ceni until the last day of Julio Casares’ administration.

At least the big question is resolved in Morumbi.

Football is the responsibility of only one person.

Her name is Rogério Mücke Ceni…

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