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Student Rafaela Rossi said she intends to buy a new device to have faster internet access

Student Rafaela Rossi said she intends to buy a new device to have faster internet access

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With the arrival of 5G internet in Vitória scheduled for August 29, according to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), questions arise about how the new signal will work and about the devices to use it.

According to Anatel, the fifth generation of the internet will be available in Brazil only on more recent devices. There are currently 68 cell phones capable of browsing the service. Generally speaking, devices released in the last 12 months support the technology.

Among the manufacturers that have devices capable of working with 5G are Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Apple, Asus, Realme, Nokia, TCL and Infinix. Prices range from R$1,399 to R$10,600 and had an average drop of 30%, according to a survey.

The master in computer networks and professor of information systems at UCL João Paulo Chamon points out that 5G can reach speeds between 1 and 10 Gbps, which, according to him, represents a difference of 100 times or more in relation to 4G.

“Initially, full 5G will not work. A ‘start’ is being given to this technology and gradually, when it is already in operation, readjustments will be made by stage. With 4G it also happened like that”, he says.

Chamon also says that satellite dishes will stop working, as the fifth generation of mobile internet uses the same signal frequency.

“The government will migrate to satellites those who follow open TV programming through satellite dishes, but I have not yet seen it happen in Vitória”.

Pharmacy student Rafaela Rossi, 22, says that her current smartphone is not among the devices able to receive the 5G signal, but says she intends to buy a new one. “I usually change my cell phone every two years, and soon I plan to buy one with the new technology,” she says.

5G internet will be made available by operators Claro, Tim and Vivo, which say they are prepared to operate in the capital of Espírito Santo.

Claro says it will have a robust, state-of-the-art network in the 3.5GHz band. The installations are already advanced, just waiting for the release of the spectrum by Organs responsible bodies.

The operator points out that its 5G coverage will be gradually expanded in the country, “as occurred in other generations of telephony, such as 4.5G, 4G and 3G”.

most expensive phone bill

5G internet can reach speeds between 1 and 10 Gbps, a difference of 100 times or more compared to 4G. But the increase in speed will consequently lead to an increase in mobile internet consumption, according to digital security expert Eduardo Pinheiro.

According to Anatel, the 5G signal should not immediately result in an adjustment in the prices of telephony plans.

“However, as the internet is faster, consumers may end up consuming more and increasing their tariff at the end of the month, depending on the contracted plan”, warns Pinheiro.

The specialist also says that the internet services themselves will demand more data consumption from plans, such as Metaverse, which will be the great villain in the consumption of data plans.

Operators Vivo, Tim and Claro say that consumers’ current plans are compatible with the 5G signal and that there will be no readjustments.

Vivo informs that all plans offered grant access to 5G. Claro says it has more than 2 million compatible smartphones in operation, which represents 4% of its base in the country.

The models


– Galaxy S20 FE – price not informed;

– Galaxy S21 FE 5G – BRL 2,554.44;

– Galaxy S21 5G – BRL 2,699.00;

– Galaxy S21+ 5G – BRL 3,599.10;

– Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G – BRL 4,949.10;

– Galaxy S22 – BRL 5,399.10;

– Galaxy S22+ – BRL 6,299.10;

– Galaxy S22 Ultra – BRL 8,549.10;

– Galaxy A13 – BRL 1,399.08;

– Galaxy A22 5G – BRL 1,799.07;

– Galaxy A23 5G – BRL 1,599.00;

– Galaxy A32 5G – BRL 2,099.00;

– Galaxy A33 5G – BRL 2,499.00;

– Galaxy A52 5G – BRL 1,699.00;

– Galaxy A52s 5G – BRL 1,799.00;

– Galaxy A53 5G – BRL 2,429.10;

– Galaxy A73 5G – BRL 2,999.00;

– Galaxy M23 5G – BRL 1,619.17;

– Galaxy M33 5G – price not informed;

– Galaxy M52 5G – BRL 1,887.78;

– Galaxy M53 5G – BRL 2,699.00;

– Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – BRL 4,999.00;

– Galaxy Z Fold2 5G – price not informed;

– Galaxy Z Fold3 5G – BRL 10,619.10;

– Galaxy Note 20 5G – price not informed;

– Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G – price not informed;


– iPhone SE (3rd generation) – R$ 4,199.00;

– iPhone 12 mini- R$ 5,505.00;

– iPhone 12- R$ 6,499.00;

– iPhone 12 Pro – price not informed;

– iPhone 12 Pro Max – price not informed;

– iPhone 13 mini – R$ 6,374.00;

– iPhone 13 – BRL 9,176.00;

– iPhone 13 Pro Max – R$ 10,142.00.


– Moto G 5G Plus – price not informed;

– Moto G 5G – price not informed;

– Moto G50 5G – BRL 1,439.10;

– Moto G71 5G – R$ 1,999.00;

– Moto 682 5G – BRL 2,699.10;

– Moto G100 5G – price not informed;

– Moto G200 5G – BRL 3,499.00;

– Edge – price not informed;

– Edge 20 – BRL 2,124.15;

– Edge 20 Lite – BRL 1,979.00;

– Edge 20 Pro – BRL 3,149.10;

– Edge 30 – BRL 3,599.10;

– Edge 30 Pro – BRL 5,399.10;

– XT2223-2 – not yet released.


– Mi 11 Lite 5G – BRL 3,679.99;

– Mi 12 Pro 5G – price not informed;

– Xiaomi 12 Lite – price not informed;

– Poco M3 Pro 5G – BRL 2,759.99;

– Poco M4 Pro 5G – price not informed;

– Poco X4 Pro 5G – price not informed;

– Redmi Note 10 5G – BRL 2,575.99;

– Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G – R$ 3,679.99.


– Zenfone 8 – BRL 3,599.10;

– Zenfone 8 Flip – R$ 4,949.10;

– ROG Phone 5 – price not informed;

– ROG Phone 5s – R$ 4,949.10.


– Realme GT Master – BRL 3,899.00;

– Realme GT 2 Pro – R$ 5,999.00;

– Realme 9 Pro+ – R$ 3,499.00.


– Nokia G50 – R$ 2,800.00.


– TCL 20 Pro 5G – R$ 1,899.00.

Other brands

– Infinix Zero 5G – BRL 2,249.10.

– Lenovo Legion Phone Duel – R$ 4,049.99.

Source: Anatel and companies mentioned. The values ​​are those suggested by the manufacturers.

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