City on the coast forbids driving in bathing suits: fine of R$ 2,700

Sorrento, one of Italy’s best-known cities, is the summer destination for those looking to enjoy the sun, sea and breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples.

But it seems that the mayor of the tourist resort was not very happy with the lookinho chosen by some to walk around the city… Last Wednesday, he banned the circulation of people wearing bathing suits on the streets there. It will no longer be allowed to walk around in a bikini or shirtless, and anyone who defies the rules can be fined €425 for “indecency” – which amounts to around R$2,700 at the current exchange rate.

To the Italian media, the mayor said that the use of the pieces was an “unseemly behavior” and could harm the image of the quality of life in the city, in addition to causing “discomfort” to some residents and visitors. The Municipal Police was responsible for carrying out the inspection.

The city, near Pompeii and Naples, received 3 million visitors a year before the pandemic.


Even though the ban sounds strange, it is not the first and not the only one in Italy. In 2013, Lipari, the largest of Sicily’s Aeolian islands, implemented a similar law after residents constantly complained about the “tiny” attire some tourists were wearing to get around. Tropea, in Calabria, followed suit and in 2019 imposed a similar rule: no one can walk in bathing suits or barefoot in areas further away from beaches.

Ahh, and known for the booklet of measures that “encourage decorum”, Venice also has a series of rather peculiar impositions. In addition to #BathwearNo, it is also forbidden to eat sitting on the floor, bathe in the waters of the lagoon, ride a bike in the Historic Center and feed the local birds – a piece of bread for such a pet can cost you £500. Come on!

So, what do you think about the decision? Right or a little too much?

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