Corinthians scores two goals in ten minutes and wins XV de Jaú for Paulistão U-20

Corinthians hosted XV de Jaú this Wednesday, at 3 pm, for the second phase of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20. In a duel played at Fazendinha, Timão won 2-0.

In the first half of the game, Timão couldn’t make big offensive moves and found it difficult to get to the attack. At the same time, the team saw the opponent post well defensively and hinder Corinthians creations.

With no changes for the second half, coach Danilo saw his team improve on the field and build four finishing moves in 15 minutes – two goals were validated, while the other two were disallowed. The highlights were Mindinho and Pedrinho, scorer of the two Corinthians goals.

With the victory, Corinthians is 100% in the second phase of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20 and, consequently, in the leadership of Group 13. Now, the team has six points added in this phase. The triumph also made the team reach 11 consecutive games without defeat.

Write it down, Faithful! – Corinthians Sub-20’s next game is at the weekend. The team enters the field for the Brazilian Championship of the category against Red Bull Bragantino, at 15h, away from home. For Paulistão, Timão returns to the field next Wednesday, at 15h, against Mirassol.


To try to keep 100% of success in the second phase of the Campeonato Paulista SUb-20, coach Danilo went to the field with: Wesley; Cauan da Mata, João Pedro, Renato and Vitor Meer; Gabriel Moscardo, Thomas Argentino and Riquelme; Littlefinger, Pedrinho and Juninho.

Corinthians lineup for the duel against XV de Jaú, for Paulistão U-20

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The game

First time

Corinthians started the match looking for long balls to reach the attacking field. The strategy, however, meant that XV de Jaú had some opportunities to recover the ball and try to advance to the alvinegro defense field.

In one of the first attempts to reach the goal of the Corinthians team, Riquelme recovered a ball in midfield, at eight minutes, and increased in speed. The midfielder, however, was stopped soon after.

Timão started to find it difficult to advance to the attack as the visiting team started to close the spaces well in the defense. In the 13th minute, the first shot on goal was made by the opposing team, which exploited an error in the Corinthians defense. Goalkeeper Wesley was well positioned and made the save.

It is worth remembering that, without the presence of Guilherme Biro, who is with the Corinthians professional team in Santos this Wednesday, Timão had its midfield formed, mostly, by midfielders.

At 16 minutes, Corinthians’ first submission took place. Vitor Meer found Riquelme, who activated Littlefinger at the entrance of the penalty area. Shirt 9 dominated and kicked towards the angle, but saw the ball swing the nets from the outside.

At 24, midfielder Gabriel Moscardo found a great pass in depth, but the white-and-white attack was well marked and could not take advantage of the opportunity.

At 37, after Timão saw the opponent try to get in a corner kick, the Corinthians went up to the attack field and Littleinho crossed in the area. Pedrinho stretched all the way to try to finish, but the ball ended up going out through the baseline.

Despite the arrivals, the first half of Timão was not one of great offensive proposals. The visiting team managed to post well in defense and also built up some plays in the attacking field. Thus, the first part of the duel ended goalless.

Second time

To try to win against XV de Jaú, Timão made no changes in the second stage. Thus, the same team that started the first half, returned to the final 45.

Timão sought, in the first few minutes, to force the opponent’s error to reach the attack field of XV de Jaú.

The first alvinegro goal came five minutes into the second half. Pedrinho took advantage of a great move by Mindinho, advanced on the left side and, free of marking, kicked into the opponent’s goal, breaking the block made by the visitors..

XV de Jaú tried to respond in the next move. The visiting team also arrived from the left and Cauan committed a foul on top of the baseline. In the crash, Wesley warded off the danger of the black-and-white goal with a punch.

Danilo’s team followed strong to seek the second goal and, in the tenth minute, he came. Juninho advanced on the right side and crossed to Pedrinho, who was arriving very well positioned in the area. Shirt 10 pushed to the back of the net.

Three minutes later, Pedrinho took advantage of Cauan’s cross, dominated inside the area, and kicked into the goal. The referee, however, disallowed the goal under the assessment of dominance with the hand. With the images shown in the broadcast, it was not clear whether or not it took the player’s hand.

At 16, a new goal from the Parque São Jorge team was disallowed. Littlefinger started what could be a good move, but at the time of the pass, the white-and-white attack was ahead and in an offside position.

In the 22nd minute, Danilo made the first changes in the Corinthians team. Abimael and Guilherme Henrique took the place of Vitor Meer and Pedrinho, respectively. Six minutes later, the coach promoted Vinicius Cressi and Pedro to replace João Pedro and Mindinho.

The XV de Jaú team continued circling the ball trying to get to Timão’s defense, but Timão was attentive to block and hinder the opponent’s arrivals. At the best opportunity, at 38, Bahia received a great pass, made the turn and kicked from afar towards the goal, but the ball went over Wesley’s goal.

The last changes made by Danilo were in the 42nd minute of the second half. Bahia, Luan Lino and Zé Vitor took the place of Gabriel Moscardo, Riquelme and Juninho. Timão still had an opportunity to expand, but the match already had its final numbers: Corinthians 2 to 0 XV de Jaú.

Technical sheet of Corinthians 2 x 0 XV de Jaú

Competition: Under-20 Paulista Championship
Place: Alfredo Schürig Stadium, Sao Paulo, SP
Date: July 13, 2022 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Adeli Mara Monteiro
Assistants: Helio Antonio Salvia de Sa and Viviane Pereira Lopes
goals: Pedrinho (twice) (Corinthians)

CORINTHIANS: Wesley Borges; Cauan da Mata, João Pedro (Vinicius Cressi), Renato Santos and Vitor Meer (Abimael); Gabriel Moscardo (Bahia), Thomas Argentino and Riquelme (Luan Lino); Littlefinger (Pedro), Juninho (Zé Vitor) and Pedrinho (Guilherme Henrique).
Technician: Danilo

XV OF JAU: Vitor; Guilherme, Vytor Pereira, Adilson and Caique; Talliys, Kaka and Feline; Bahia, Chilean and Pedro.
Technician: Isaac David

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