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Justice accepted the request of the Cruzeiro Association for judicial recovery this Wednesday. The decision is by the First Business Court of Belo Horizonte and also appoints the judicial administrators. The Cruzeiro association had asked RJ last Monday to settle debts that exceed R$ 1 billion.

“I appoint as Judicial Administrators to act jointly and in coordination, the following legal entities: ACERBI CAMPAGNARO COLNAGO CABRAL SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS (…) represented by lawyer Taciani Acerbi Campagnaro Colnago Cabral”, part of the decision reads. “CREDIBILITA ADMINISTRAÇÃO JUDICIAL E SERVIÇOS LTDA. – ME, represented by the lawyer, Alexandre Correa Nasser de Melo”, complete.

Those cited will have 48 hours to be sued and informed whether or not they will accept the appointment with immediate assumption of their functions and duties.

In the process that runs in the 1st Business Court of the District of Belo Horizonte, the Minas Gerais club released an extensive list of creditors, which together exceed R$ 530 million. In it, two names stand out: Fábio and Marcelo Moreno.

The goalkeeper, who rejoined Cruzeiro this Tuesday, at Mineirão, is listed with R$ 20,706,715, an amount cited by Fábio in the extrajudicial notification delivered to Cruzeiro in the first half. The player is listed as “CNRD contingencies” in the Cruzeiro creditors list.

This means that Cruzeiro predicts that the claim will bring an obligation to pay this amount to the CNRD. So far, the case has not been resolved. In the creditors division, Fábio is listed in “class I”, referring to labor debts.

Fábio left Cruzeiro earlier this year, after not coming to terms with Ronaldo Fenômeno’s management. Shortly after leaving, he hit with Fluminense.

Fábio, Cruzeiro goalkeeper — Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

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Another player on the list is striker Marcelo Moreno. Cruzeiro declared to have R$ 24,985,483 in debt with the Bolivian player. Moreno was listed in the “suppliers” part of Cruzeiro’s list of creditors.

Recently, in material released by ge, Cruzeiro admitted that Marcelo Moreno made loans to the club during his last visit to Toca da Raposa.

Marcelo Moreno Cruzeiro — Photo: Bruno Haddad

– The player collaborated with the Club – which was in default – in a substantial way, having even injected money in periods of crisis, so it reveals itself as a great partner of Cruzeiro, justifying its inclusion in the aforementioned subclass – highlighted Cruzeiro in the creditors in presentation to the Labor Court.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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