Fintech launches card with credit builder; understand

fintech is about to launch a credit card with no annual fee and with the promise of less bureaucracy. The service will be available even to those who are negative. And the revolving interest should be lower than many banks. But the big news is the dynamic limit credit card. It’s the credit builder.

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Those interested in being one of the first customers of the credit card must apply through the website or application. The credit builder will work as follows: every BRL 1.00 saved by the customer guarantees a BRL 1.00 limit on the card.

credit builder

Also according to, some customers will have an additional line of credit, which will also be dynamic. The idea is to encourage people to build credit more responsibly.

Customers will have up to 40 days to pay. And those with a good credit history will be able to take advantage of the extra credit line available through the card.

In addition to the credit builder, which is a great attraction for those who use credit cards, guarantees exclusive discounts of up to 43% in the main retailers in Brazil, in more than 30 thousand stores.

Currently, fintech offers the digital account and the card in the free prepaid debit function. According to data from, more than 200,000 people are in line for a credit card. Through the website and the app, fintech receives, on average, 1,500 new contacts for the new service’s waiting list. also announced that customers will earn 2% cashback on all purchases within the first 30 days after opening an account.

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