“Football Approved”; Santos wastes no time and Rueda has an agreement to announce a ‘Level A’ reinforcement


Midfielder already has everything verbally agreed with Peixão

- Andrés Rueda
© Photo: Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo/Santos FC– Andrés Rueda

Santos is looking for specific reinforcements for the second half. The president Andrés Rueda works tirelessly and wants to close new hires for the arrival of a new coach, which still needs to be defined. Names are being considered, but for now there is no agreement with a new commander. No possibility is ruled out.

About reinforcements, “Diário do Peixe” reported this Monday (13) that Alvinegro Praiano has a principle of agreement to have Diego Pituca back, darling of Peixão’s fans and who has a good chance of being announced as the newest Santos reinforcement. The missing detail is the release of Kashima Antlers.

Santos has reached an agreement with midfielder Diego Pituca, from Kashima Antlers. The athlete’s manager, Adalberto Almeida, arrived in Japan to try to negotiate a release and forward the return of the former shirt 21 (…)”, said an excerpt from the report of “Diário do Peixe”.

The crowd has already immediately approved the likely return of Pituca, even more so because Peixão needs a player of this profile, especially after the departure of Ricardo Goulart, who is terminating his contract with Santos and will no longer wear the shirt of the São Paulo club. Pituca never hid his desire to wear the shirt of Alvinegro Praiano again.

It is worth remembering that the midfielder had already expressed this desire in a recent interview with “Diário do Peixe” on YouTube.: “I want to return to Santos, but not to retire. People talk about retiring and going to old Santos, but no. I want to go back to Santos well, it’s no use going back and feeling bad. I want to return to Santos to win titles, build more history. that’s my goal”, stated.

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