From the colorful ‘Elvis’ to the dark ‘Crimes of the Future’, see what opens in theaters this week – 07/13/2022 – Cinema

This Thursday (14) will have two premieres that should not surprise those who already know the work of its directors: “Elvis”, by Baz Luhrmann, and “Crimes of the Future”, by David Cronenberg. But that’s not to say that the Australian’s spectacle or the Canadian’s antics are just more of the same.

Fans, young and old, of the rock star alike will delight in the new nearly three-hour biopic, packed with music and special effects, which recounts the rise and maddening decline of the singer who became the symbol of a sexual and cultural revolution in the last century. The toupee arrives on screen with the smile and bearing of the heartthrob of the moment, Austin Butler, while his agent is made by a Tom Hanks loaded with makeup.

Cronenberg, as the title suggests, displays his pessimism and the post-human in the strange plot of an artist who promotes performances where his body is operated on in public — including the removal of functionless organs that he naturally creates. The man is played by Viggo Mortensen, while his charming assistant, responsible for tattooing and extracting his guts (in a world where “surgery is the new sex”), is embodied by Léa Seydoux.

The week also has national premieres with proposals, at least, unusual. This is the case of “Rua Guaicurus”, by João Borges, and “O Rio de Janeiro by Ho Chi Minh”, both with plots that mix documentary and fiction. While the first focuses on the daily life of prostitutes in one of the largest areas of Brazil, in downtown Belo Horizonte, the second features the grandson of a sailor who claims that his grandfather was responsible for introducing communism to the famous Vietnamese leader.

The week still has “A Queda”, with Daniel Rocha playing a forensic photographer who takes care of his grandfather and gets involved in the investigation of a mysterious suicide, while the German “Flammable Girl” follows a young woman who doesn’t study or work and lives with the remains. of parental inheritance.

See the premieres below.

crimes of the future
Anyone who has seen a film by Canadian David Cronenberg already knows what you should find here: mutations, distortions, a lot of filth and bizarreness that, as in all good science fiction, speak a lot about the human body and mind. This time, prepare your stomach for live surgeries that are treated like art in a dystopian future, complete with a child’s autopsy, an organ tournament, a weird police plot and a reflection on the environmental impacts from subversive plastic eaters. . After the cinema, the film enters Mubi on July 29.

USA, 2022. Director: David Cronenberg. With: Léa Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart. 18 years
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The saying “Elvis is not dead” may be old, but the new biopic of the rock star seeks a freshness to delight all audiences. Under the kaleidoscopic gaze of Baz Luhrmann (the same as in “The Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge”), the singer’s story is bathed in color, visual effects and many musical numbers. Austin Butler, Disney’s well-known name, is considered the heartthrob of the moment who assumes the topknot and the naughty smile.

USA, 2022. Direction: Baz Luhrmann. Cast: Tom Hanks, Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge. 14 years
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Flammable Girl
This German film portrays a “neither” young woman, who neither studies nor works, and lives through years of medical care supported by her parents’ inheritance. The plot, inspired by observations by director Elisa Mishto, begins to change with the arrival of a new supervisor for the young woman, who will help her understand who she is.

Germany, 2019. Directed by: Elisa Mishto. With: Katharina Schüttler, Martin Wuttke and Giuseppe Battiston. 16 years

Rio de Janeiro from Ho Chi mine
Between the documentary and the staging, the grandson of a sailor who survived the Whip Uprising tells the story of his grandfather, who would have introduced communism to a special friend — none other than Ho Chi Min, who would become the leader of the Vietnamese independence. This story, which mixes the false and the true, starts from Rio de Janeiro to imagine a sociopolitical reality that spans the 20th century.

Brazil, 2022. Direction: Cláudia Mattos. Cast: Lea Garcia, Luiz Antonio Pilar and Daniel Leite. 18 years

Guaicurus Street
Fiction and reality are also confused in this film about one of the largest red-light districts in the country, in downtown Belo Horizonte. Among dozens of hotels, João Borges’ camera invades —or stages— the intimacy of prostitutes —or would they be actresses, who knows both?. The feature shows from the simplest daily life to the relationships that, between four walls, the outside world tries to see in a reductionist way.

Brazil, 2019. Directed by: João Borges. Cast: Shirley Santos Dias, Elizabeth Miguel dos Santos and Ariadina Paulino. 18 years
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The fall
Daniel Rocha plays a forensic photographer who takes care of his sick grandfather and ends up getting involved in a plot full of intrigue when trying to unravel a mysterious suicide. On the way, he has a relationship with the victim’s former doctor, while he follows the degradation of his grandfather, played by Gracindo Júnior.

Brazil, 2021. Directed by: Diego Rocha. Cast: Daniel Rocha, Gracindo Júnior and Branca Messina. 16 years

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