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The income that influencer Anna Beatriz, 20, took from Instagram fell by half. Since the beginning of the year, it has noticed a reduction in the reach of its contents and, at the same time, the number of stores that closed advertising partnerships also decreased.

Before, she says that she took around 3 fitting rooms — a practice in which the influencer goes to a store and assembles looks to publish on the networks — per month, which yielded a revenue between R$450 and R$500.

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Today, this extra income has dropped to a range between R$150 and R$250, which made her look for a formal employment beyond social networks.

If reach drops as a result, partnerships drop and some may even drop out. If it doesn’t bring profitability, companies won’t want it. It also affects people’s self-esteem, we see that they are striving for something and do not see the return of the platform”.

Anna Beatriz

digital influencer

Stories like Anna’s are constant in the universe of digital influencers. The general complaint is that the constant changes in algorithmsespecially on Instagram, harm the visibility of the content produced, which is reflected in fewer views, fewer likes and fewer new followers.

Niche change

Influencer and businesswoman Rayssa Teixeira, 31, has been working on social media since she was a teenager, even when it existed. Fotolog. She says that she made R$30,000 a month at the time she worked posting humor and pranks on social media.

The revenue drop started when she changed her niche, creating a fitness clothing brand and starting to publish more content aimed at healthy living.

Subtitle: In addition to the networks, Rayssa created a fitness fashion brand

Photograph: Fabiane de Paula

“In my case I don’t even know if I blame the algorithm. At the same time everyone started complaining that the algorithm was sabotaging people’s work, at the same time I was changing niche, changing lifestyle, I can’t blame the algorithm 100%. My decision to move helped to make that happen,” she acknowledges.

Even so, she says that she also perceives impacts on the reach of her content, with followers saying they no longer see her publications in Stories or Feed.

Rayssa says that there was no reduction in advertising partnerships and that, for her, making money as an influencer goes far beyond that.

“For me, making money on Instagram is not just what I earn from advertising, it’s the person who sees the new collection I post and comes to buy it”, he says.

Reduction in advertising

Singer and digital influencer Camaleoa, 25, notes that the drop in the reach of publications has resulted in a drop in advertising partnerships. According to her, “publis” were being almost daily during the height of the pandemic, but they became rarer.

Publications have decreased because of the reach, for general. Delivery was lower for a number of reasons, but it still holds up. But the frequency went down because it wasn’t as sure as before.”


singer and digital influencer

Camaleoa says that despite the drop in partnerships, his musical career managed to resume after difficult periods between 2020 and 2021, which ended up compensating for part of the losses.

“Publis in my case didn’t pay my bills, like other people I know who still support themselves with them. But they certainly helped, their absence made a considerable difference in my budget. Which nowadays I managed to balance, but soon after the opening of the trade, they had a big impact ”, she says.

She points out that, even though the internet is not the center of her work, changes in algorithms make it difficult for her to reach more people.

“My reach has been damaged over time, like most users. My work doesn’t even reach those who follow me, so it’s difficult to say that it will reach new people at this moment”, he points out.

Instagram Algorithm

In a note, the press office of the social network answered questions about the situation, citing a post on the Instagram blog.

“One of the main misconceptions that we want to refute is the existence of such an “algorithm”. Instagram doesn’t have a single algorithm that defines what people see and don’t see on the app. In fact, we utilize multiple algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with a purpose,” writes Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri in the post.

The text explains the role of each user in the formation of what will be displayed in Stories, Feed, Reels and Explore.

“The way you use Instagram greatly influences what content appears or doesn’t appear on your screen. You help improve your experience simply by interacting with the profiles and publications you like”, he explains.

The social network did not respond with respect to how the various algorithms can harm content creators, nor did it give a forecast of when a new change in the platform’s display mechanisms will occur.

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