How to recover blurred WhatsApp photos

There are some tricks to recover blurred photos on WhatsApp. In messenger, this happens when the files are not saved on your phone and the app is unable to locate them. This is a common situation for very old photos and videos that have not been downloaded or have already been deleted, for example.

When WhatsApp cannot find this file, a notification appears with the suggestion to ask the person to re-send this content. In groups, other members can still have the image saved and solve this problem.

Asking the contact to resend is a way to recover blurred WhatsApp photos (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

On the other hand, there is still the possibility that no one has the file to resend it. In this case, the solution is to keep the backup active on your WhatsApp and search for the photo in Google Photos or iCloud. That way, if you’ve downloaded the image and deleted the file from your device, you can still locate it in the cloud.

Asking to resend the file and looking for it in the backup are the two main alternatives to recover blurred WhatsApp photos. In addition, there is an option to prevent this situation: automatically saving media to your phone. Check the step by step to activate the configuration.

How to save WhatsApp photos to gallery automatically

  1. Open WhatsApp and access the settings;
  2. Then select the “Conversations” tab;
  3. On Android, tap on the “Media Visibility” option. On iOS, select the “Save to Camera Roll” field.
Activate automatic saving of WhatsApp photos in your gallery (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

Ready! With this setting active, all images received on WhatsApp will already be saved in your gallery. You can also enable automatic downloading for photos, videos and audios.

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