How was the Dolce & Gabbana party in Italy

Anitta had quite a weekend in Syracuse, on the Italian island of Sicily, a place chosen by Dolce & Gabbana to celebrate its 10th anniversary of haute couture, at a party filled with celebs.

This Sunday (10), at a lively dinner, the DJ began to play the hit ‘Envolver’, and invited the Brazilian to take the stage. Anitta did not pretend and, in addition to singing improvised, she went down to the floor to do the official choreography that made the song go viral.

On the dance floor, the girl from Rio enjoyed the rest of the night alongside celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Domenico Dolce. On Saturday, the carioca met none other than Mariah Carey, of whom she is a confessed fan.

The two interacted a lot and the American, accompanied by her two children, still became a meme on the internet, always accompanied by a fan that shook vigorously, under the Mediterranean sun. This is the second time that Anitta has found the idol – the two had already bumped into each other in Aspen in 2019.

Cauã Reymond also played a pivotal role in Sicily. Along with Anitta, the two posed alongside actress Lupita Nyong’o, winner of the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2014 with the film “Twelve Years a Slave”.

Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren, Ellen Pompeo and Kris Jenner were some of the guests at the event, and paraded the looks with brightly colored prints and a lot of shine that are the hallmarks of the Italian maison.

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