meet the 31 new emojis that are coming

One would think that in a country with a large religious population, the “praying hands” emoji would be widely used. But many Brazilians use the image the wrong way: as if they were two hands (of different people) meeting, in a greeting like “touch here” (or “high five”, as the Americans call it).

The confusion will now end. A new set of 31 emojis has been announced by the Unicode Consortium – the organization that standardizes emoji codes worldwide. And between them, now yes, there will be a “play here”.

The new figures will be released for iOS and Android in September with the Unicode 15.0 update.

New emojis included in the Emoji 15.0 pack, including "trembling face" and gesture of "play here" ("high five") - Disclosure/Emojipedia - Disclosure/Emojipedia

New emojis included in Emoji Pack 15.0, including “shaky face” and “high five” gesture

Image: Disclosure/Emojipedia

The emoji set 15.0. will include hearts in new colors such as pink, light blue and gray; instruments such as a rattle and flute; foods like ginger and peas; the wifi symbol; and the expression “shaky face”, suggested to represent confusion.

The list of animals also grew, with goose, moose, donkey, crow and even jellyfish. Food is also included in the update.

This is the smallest group of designs suggested by Unicode in recent years. In 2021 there were 112 recommendations, while in 2020 there were 334.

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