Monster EVGA RTX 3090Ti Kingpin needs 5 8-pin power connectors

The manufacturer announced an official adapter to facilitate the installation of the new high-performance GPU

announced by EVGA in early July, the RTX 3090Ti Kingpin GPU produced by the company promises to be a real monster, both from the point of view of performance and energy consumption. Prepared for this, the company announced that the $2500 package offered by her will bring both the graphics card and an 80+ Platinum 1600W power supply prepared to feed the product properly.

As the RTX 3090Ti Kingpin does not have native 16-pin PCIe Gen5 connectors, the company will also include its own power adapter in the package.. Officially presented this Wednesday (13), the accessory known as PowerLink 52U provides the 5 8-pin power connectors the GPU will need.

The product will be required to connect older standard cables to the GPU, which has two 16-pin connectors, each capable of working with 450W. EVGA’s promise is that the adapter not only will facilitate the installation of the RTX 3090Ti Kingpinas it will allow for better cable management by buyers.

EVGA RTX 3090Ti Kingpin promises big performance

Until the moment the manufacturer did not disclose if the new accessory could be used in its future line of RTX 40 boards or if it was created specifically for the RTX 3090Ti Kingpin. The product is now available for purchase on the company’s official website, which promises to offer the biggest factory overclock” that a GPU has had until today. Check the model specs:

  • 10752 CUDA Colors
  • 1950 MHz Boost Clock
  • 655.2GT/s Texture Fill Rate
  • 24576 MB, 384 bit GDDR6X
  • 21000 MHz (Effective)
  • 1.008 GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • liquid cooling
  • OLED logo
  • PCIe 4.0 interface
  • Connectors: HDMI, DisplayPort (x3)

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According to EVGA, the new PowerLink 52U adapter is not compatible with the other versions of the RTX 3090ti and RTX 3090 produced by it, which require the use of their own solutions. On Twitter, the company also confirmed that, at least so far, it has no plans to offer a 12-pin version of the accessory with PCIe 5 compatibility.


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