MP asks for secrecy of investigation and access to PT killer’s cell phone

The Public Ministry of Paraná today asked the Justice to decree secrecy in the investigation of the murder of municipal guard Marcelo Arruda, shot dead this Saturday (9) by criminal police officer Jorge José da Rocha Guaranho, who invaded the place where the victim was celebrating his 50th anniversary with a PT themed party alluding to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

In the request, the prosecution asked the investigation a series of measures. Among them, the examination of the content of the cell phone of the author of the crime and the request of the functional file of Guaranho from the Depen (National Penitentiary Department).

In the request, prosecutor Tiago Lisboa Mendonça requests the confidentiality of the investigation, to avoid interference in the investigation conducted by the Civil Police of Paraná.

“This is a serious fact, of great repercussion. The indiscriminate access to the records (…) could disrupt and interfere negatively in the investigations, especially due to the existence of several investigative steps still in progress”, says one of the excerpts of the document. , to which the UOL had access.

The Public Ministry also requests that the Union of Federal Agents of Criminal Execution of Catanduvas (PR), where Guaranho works, does not have access to the records. The entity appointed a lawyer to represent the shooter, who claimed self-defense and asked for a drunk test on the PT member who was murdered by the criminal police.

“In relation to strangers to the deed, such as the union or any other representative entity, due to the absence of legal provision, as well as jurisprudential understanding, it requires that they be disabled”, quotes one of the excerpts of the prosecutor’s request.

wanted by UOL, lawyer Daniel Godoy, one of the representatives of Marcelo Arruda’s family, spoke about the request. “The measures required by the MP are appropriate to the case and meet the family’s concerns,” he said.

Before, the defender had already countered the shooter’s defense posture. “It’s an attempt to criminalize the victim, justify the version that it’s a bar fight and to mischaracterize the hate crime for political motivation”.

How are the investigations

The Civil Police of Paraná has already heard from his wife and 13 other people in the investigation that investigates the murder of Marcelo Arruda. Another three depositions were scheduled for today.

Supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Guaranho drove to the entrance of the party where the municipal guard celebrated his birthday with a themed party about the PT. According to witnesses, the wife of the criminal police officer had her 3-month-old daughter in the back seat. According to the investigation, he played a song loudly in allusion to Bolsonaro and began to insult the members of the party.

The Civil Police of Paraná also updated data on the health status of criminal police officer Jorge Guaranho, who remains hospitalized in serious condition in the ICU of Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcante and is breathing with the help of mechanical ventilation. There has been no improvement in his health status in the last 24 hours.

Shot by Arruda in the legs and face after shooting, he was also hit by kicks to the head by party guests.

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