‘Mrs. Marvel’ | What do we expect from the last episode of the series?


If you haven’t watched the first five episodes of Ms. Marvelavoid this article as it contains spoilers.

the last episode of Ms. Marvel arrives at Disney+ this Wednesday (13) with practically a single mission: to present the ‘superhero’ side of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani). After two overly long episodes focused exclusively on delving into the protagonist’s past, even though it was done through a confusing and not very captivating plot, it was missing to see the character in her uniform and dealing with enemies.

In common situations, this could even be an annoying complaint from fans, who expected to see extreme fidelity to the comics, but the truth is that all the promotional material for the series sold the character already wearing her uniform and acting as guardian of New Jersey. So it’s not so absurd that there is a frustration about this absence until the last episode.

Also, the other big issue to be resolved is the plot of the Djinn, who had access to the portal but were unable to cross it back to their dimension and were apparently defeated.

The great truth is that this arc of the antagonists was so poorly conducted, that the great expectation is that they just disappear even so no one else has to hear about these guys. On the other hand, there is still the theory that the Marvel wouldn’t completely distance himself from the character’s origins in the comics and explain that the Djinn are, in fact, the inhumans. And since they’ve spent this entire season saying that the Djinn are known by many names, it wouldn’t be absurd if there was this “surprising revelation” in the final episode.

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And it is worth remembering that the Kanram ended the penultimate episode inheriting powers similar to Kamala’s own, while hiding in Bruno’s apartment, which was attacked by the Damage Control Department. And as the series just abandoned this core of the school out of the blue, it’s possible that these characters only appear quickly so the audience doesn’t forget they’re there. As for Damage Control, they will probably be the villains of this final episode. We’ll see if it convinces or not, as they’ve been painted as a reverse SHIELD ever since. Spider-Man: No Return Home (2021).

Finally, the presence of Kamala Khan in the upcoming film the marvels It’s been confirmed a long time ago. A clue as to what might happen for your path to cross with the captain marvel (Brie Larson) and the Photon (Teyonah Parris) would be most welcome.

the last episode of Ms. Marvel opens this Wednesday at Disney+.

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