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A trick allows you to see the WhatsApp app status of contacts who have blocked you, all in a simple way.

As detailed by the website ‘El Español’, Internet users discovered a “bug” in the WhatsApp system and figured out how to see the status of contacts who blocked you.

Quick trick to see WhatsApp status of contacts who blocked you

The first thing you should know is that this trick is not done in the WhatsApp app. There is also no need to download any third-party apps. Check out how to apply the quick trick:

  • You need to open WhatsApp Web from any browser.
  • When you log in by scanning the QR code, you will see all your conversations (as usual).
  • Now go to the Status section.
  • In this section, you will see all the statuses that your friends or contacts have sent you in the last 24 hours.

However, due to the possible bug or error, WhatsApp Web allows you to view the status of the people who blocked it.

According to the website, the company Meta still hasn’t solved the problem (which can happen at any time).

Another requirement is that the person who was blocked or blocked you has their number saved, otherwise it will not be possible to know if they have shared any Status.

Also according to the information, it is only possible to verify that this person has shared a status, but it is possible that it cannot be fully displayed on WhatsApp Web.

Text with information from the website ‘El Español’

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