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At pork are among those that need extra attention. Dangers such as food poisoning, rinsing and expiration dates are factors and concerns that are often associated with its consumption. However, these are no longer the only concerns that must be considered. Recently, research has revealed traces of a drug resistant bacteria in British pork products. To learn more about this danger, check out the full article!

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Stay inside this discovery

Recent research has identified traces of an increasingly widespread and dangerous bacteria in pork in England. Researchers from Fera Science and World Animal Protection tested 103 samples of all types of pork from many UK supermarkets.

According to World Animal Protection, the samples included: organic and RSPCA-guaranteed pork, non-guaranteed meats, and Red Tractor guaranteed products.

Of the 103 samples collected, 25 showed traces of enterococci bacteria. Of those, 23 also contained traces of superbugs, antibiotic-resistant types of bacteria with risks of fatal consequences. Such findings make the health and science communities increasingly concerned about these superbugs.

Learn more about Enterococcus

Enterococcus bacteria are known to cause UTIs and wound infections. Unfortunately, they have been more evident than expected. A 2018 survey found enterococci resistant to vancomycin, a type of antibiotic, in a small percentage of swine products tested.

Even more recent research found glycopeptide-resistant superbugs, responsible for encompassing vancomycin-resistant bacteria, in 13 of the 103 samples. This highlights some signs of necessary attention.

The first one is to be even more attentive to the choice and preparation of meat, one of the recommendations given is the reduction of consumption of products of animal origin. Another relevant factor is the high dosage of antibiotics that are being used on low-welfare farms to prevent animals from getting sick. This has been generating stronger and more resistant bacteria.

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