See what Samsung’s One UI 5.0 with Android 13 looks like

The website 9 to 5 Google released the leaked images of the One UI 5.0the future version of operational system From Samsung smartphones based on Android 13. THE One UI 5.0 still don’t have your version Beta released, but the latest version of android has already been made available for testing in several smartphoneslike those on the line pixel and Chinese brands like realme and xiaomi.

One UI 5.0 screenshots

In the first image below, we have a comparison between the notifications of the One UI 4.0 (on the left) and the One UI 5.0. Despite being almost identical, we can notice a difference in the grouping of notifications. At the One UI 4.0, they are all together, while in its new version the notifications seem to be grouped together. Apparently, from the print, it looks like it will group the new notifications separate from the ones the user has already seen — and ignored on clearing or accessing.

Credits: Reproduction/ 9 to 5 Google.

In the second image, an update closer to the iOS and other Android-based systemswhere the access permission popup for apps is centered and no longer positioned at the bottom.

Credits: Reproduction/ 9 to 5 Google.

In the last two images we have, respectively, the screen of the security and privacy center of the Samsung it’s the text-in-picture reading system. The Security and Privacy Center is the South Korean version of the functionality released for the pixel at the Android 13. In this tool, the user will have all their passwords, accounts and other security related functions gathered in one place.

O OCR (acronym for Optical Character Recognition) from Samsung allows the user to copy recognized text in images to the keyboard. Previously, this tool was integrated with the Bixby Visionbut now it will be something of its own One UI 5.0.

Credits: Reproduction/ 9 to 5 Google.

Android 13 — what to expect in the definitive version

According to Esper, via XDA-Developers, the next update of the new operating system will allow developers to limit any type of connection. Currently the thirteenth version of the OS, which is being tested by devs, has not yet received the feature, but the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is already indicating that users will be able to set the network speed during testing.

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The new OS task manager Android 13 will be called FGS (Foreground Services, in literal translation). The manager shows a list of apps running on the smartphone, allowing the app to be closed directly. You will be able to access the list of apps by simply swiping the notifications menu with your finger and tapping the new settings icon (gear). In addition, the Force Stop button allows complete and automatic termination of all application functions, including alarms and notifications.

O Android 13 will also allow the user to use two telephone operators different in a single it is yes. The eSIMs chips, and the new iSIMs, work by replacing the SIMs inputs of cell phones, working in a digital way. However, these chips have the limitation of one registered network at a time, something that will be solved thanks to the functionality Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) which is being developed by Google.

O Google’s new OS It will also bring the function of adjusting the flashlight brightness of the smartphone. The API codes for this are the getTorchStrengthLevel and turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel. The first will display the LED lighting intensity, while the second adjusts the intensity level. The minimum shown is “1” and its maximum, as expected, will be set based on the hardware of smartphone.

The website waitwhich mines system and application code, found a feature named “setGameState” in the “guts” of the Android 13. This function will be responsible for making games even more optimized on the operational system. This novelty will only be available to Factory released smartphones with Android 13. Devices that will be updated from the android 12 or earlier will continue with the “dated” optimizations — which are still useful.


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Via: WCCF Tech Source: 9 to 5 Google

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