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Instagram Stories are a great resource for audience engagement. After all, only your followers can see it, which means that the tool was created precisely to measure the relevance of a profile.

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People who get a lot of reactions from Instagram stories are considered successful influencers. After all, it’s no use having 1 million followers and only being able to reach 1,000 people with your stories.

1 – Instagram Stories with polls

Do you want to know what to post in Instagram stories? Polls are great solutions for influencers to know what the public likes the most and what they want to see. This will help you come up with great ideas for posts in any tool on the platform. More than that, engagement in stories will be much higher with polls, as they “force” followers to participate.

2 – Questions and answers

Nothing better to interact with your followers than using the question and answer box. Be interested in the curiosities of your audience. Everyone loves to be noticed, especially by some personality they admire. Do not forget that you are also an admirer or admirer of someone.

3 – Test questions

Play a game with people through Instagram stories. Just throw a few challenges for the correct answer to be given. This will encourage followers to interact and increase the engagement of your profile within the social network.

4 – Countdown

Are you going to launch a live or do an online event, post a countdown in stories. This will keep the public waiting and always visit your profile for more information. It’s a great way to interact with people.

5 – Ask to copy a type of story

Use the “your turn” tactic to get someone to post a story inspired by you. Show a trip and ask people to do the same and tag you in it. Great, this is going to drive a lot of engagement on Instagram.

6 – Measure with emoji

The emoji slider allows the person to express how much they liked something you took to Instagram stories. Always use it if your goal is to increase engagement.

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