Specialist in unlocking cell phones is arrested with devices from a burglarized store – Capital

With him, the police seized 27 cell phones, notebook, computer and 99 phone line chips.

Bandit action in the cafeteria last night.  (Reproduction)
Bandit action in the cafeteria last night. (Reproduction)

A repeat offender, Yuri Freitas Santos Moraes, 21, was arrested once again this morning (13) with stolen cell phones. This time, Yuri had 27 cell phones, three of which had been stolen moments earlier during a robbery at a cafeteria on Avenida Senador Filinto Muller, in Vila Ipiranga, in Campo Grande.

The thieves invaded the cafeteria, assaulted customers and then fled with three cell phones, wallet with documents, bank cards, car keys and cash. (See video at the end of the article).

Moments after the crime, the police received information on the location of one of the cell phones, which would be on Rua Enzo Ciantelli, Bairro Jardim Monumento. Arriving at the scene, Yuri, realizing the police fled through the back of the residence, but his girlfriend allowed the police to enter the house.

On a table, there were three cell phone covers whose models and colors matched those of the victims of the robbery, but the young woman said that the devices were Yuri’s, as he worked with maintenance, purchase and sale of cell phones.

The boy returned home with his mother. Knowing what it was about, Yuri told the police that “Gordo” and “Cabeça” arrived in a white Fiat Mobi with gunshot marks on the left side and handed over the cell phones to be unlocked, but Yuri ended up offering R$ 1,200 for the gadgets.

He also confessed that when the police arrived, he took the recently stolen cell phones to his mother’s house.

In all, the police seized 27 cell phones. Of these, 18 were in the boy’s house, along with 99 phone line chips, a computer, a notebook and a ring, without origin. At his mother’s house, the three cell phones from the robbery were found in the cafeteria, hidden under a pillow, in addition to 6 other devices.

The three cell phones were given to the victims who unlocked it with their passwords in the presence of a police investigator.

Cell phones found with him during arrest in 2020. (Photo: Marcos Maluf)
Cell phones found with him during arrest in 2020. (Photo: Marcos Maluf)

Yuri is a repeat offender, he was arrested in December 2020 with 35 devices. He specializes in unlocking Iphones. When he was arrested, he had admitted that he knew that some devices were stolen and stolen.

In 2019, Yuri was arrested for assault at two pharmacies. At the time, he said he gave up on robberies and decided to invest in receiving. With him, two notebooks, two cell phones, two tablets and 1 computer were seized that were used for the cell phone unlocking service, in addition to a card collection machine, which evidenced the commerce in the place.

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