Terror: Swimmer narrowly escapes shark attack: ‘I thought I was going to die’ – News

A swimmer faced moments of terror as he escaped a tiger shark by just a few centimeters. The video, recorded off the coast of Queensland, Australia, shows the moment when a man, on the surface of the water, with a cage in his hand, is faced with the predator, which tries to bite him.

During the recording, a man on the boat can be heard laughing at the tense situation — further proof that Australians are unimpressed by little.

The video starts off pretty smoothly: the swimmer comes out of the water with a cage, possibly with bait to attract crabs or other crustaceans.

But soon the weather takes a toll: the tiger shark approaches very fast, clearly after a piece of his leg.

After getting on the boat and getting rid of the shark, the swimmer still seems astonished that he hasn’t received any help from his colleague on the boat.

“Fortunately my cage saved me. I thought I was going to die!”, said the man, who did not identify himself but published the video on a famous surfing and fishing channel in Australia.

Recently, the post went viral on TikTok, after being viewed millions of times on YouTube.

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