The top 4 of the most expensive schools in the world is in Switzerland

Taking care of children’s education is investing money in a future investment. There are some schools around the world that charge very high fees but also promise a more advanced education to students. Many of them are frequented by children of famous people, millionaires and even royalty. However, despite having their luxuries and sophistication, in the classroom they are rigid.

check now what are the most expensive schools in the worldin Switzerland!

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4 most expensive schools in the world

  • 1st Le Rosey Institute (Switzerland)

The school, located in Switzerland, is known to be the most expensive school in the world. It was founded in 1880 and is the oldest and largest boarding school in the country. It is known as the School of Kings for its education of princes and princesses, with highly influential students.

During the winter, the school moves to another location in the Alps, close to a ski resort. In addition, students have free access to sports and artistic activities. The location is in Rolle, Sweden, and costs around US$132,000 per year.

  • 2nd Aiglon College (Switzerland)

Speaking of Switzerland again, we have Aiglon, which is more located in the Swiss Alps. The foundation is also historic; was founded in 1949 and follows the international model, with ideologies that connect mind, body and spirit. With an approximate price of 128 thousand US dollars per year.

  • 3rd St. George’s International School (Switzerland)

Another school in Switzerland, in Geneva. This school is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Mantruel. It has almost a century of tradition in the country and offers more than 60 activities for students to choose from.

  • 4th College Alpin International Beau Soleil (Switzerland)

In this school, students receive personalized service, the teacher offers classes for a maximum of four students per class. The student journey is guided by four values: respect, ambition, responsibility and determination.

Students have access to international travel and sports such as surfing. The annual cost of this type of comprehensive education is $103,000.

Switzerland: excellence in education

A country well known for its cuisine and watches, it also has a global reputation in the field of foreign education. The colleges in Switzerland are among the most prestigious and exclusive in the world, where members of the most diverse families in the world complete their studies, as well as having high prices.

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