Tourist falls into crater while trying to retrieve cell phone after selfie

Tourist fell into Mount Vesuvius crater in Italy

Tourist fell into Mount Vesuvius crater in Italy

Photo: Reproduction / Reuters

A 23-year-old American tourist survived a fall into the crater of Mount Vesuvius in Italy after trying to grab his phone to take a selfie, according to Italian police and local authorities.

According to the international vehicle The Washington Post, the tourist, who is from Baltimore, was hiking the famous volcano with his family on Saturday, the 9th, when they reached the top of Vesuvius via a forbidden trail. The information was given by the Naples police to the local media.

When the family reached the top of the volcano, known for destroying the Roman city of Pompeii, the man, identified by NBC News like Philip Carroll, took out his phone to take a selfie, but the device slipped and fell a few feet into the crater. The man then went down to the crater to try to retrieve his phone, but several meters later he fell after losing his balance.

“This morning a tourist for reasons yet to be determined … together with his family, ventured down a forbidden path, reached the edge of the crater and fell into the mouth of Vesuvius,” Gennaro Lametta, a government tourism official, wrote on Facebook.

Tourist falls into crater in Italy while trying to retrieve cell phone after selfie

Tourist falls into crater in Italy while trying to retrieve cell phone after selfie

Photo: Playback/Facebook/Gennaro Lametta

Cappelli told Il Mattino, a Naples newspaper, that a team of guides to volcanoes on the other side of the rim used binoculars and noticed that the man “slipped inside the crater and was in serious trouble”, noting that the American tourist was trapped.

“Four guides were instantly triggered and, arriving at the scene, one of them used a rope for about 15 meters to rescue the tourist,” said Cappelli, who pointed out that Carroll could have sunk 300 meters, or almost 1,000 feet, into the crater.

A photo Lametta posted on social media shows the man with bruises on his legs, arms and back, as well as scratches on his elbows. Lametta wrote that the man was unconscious when the guides rescued him.

The police told the CNN that the man was treated in an ambulance further down the mountain but refused to go to a hospital. Cappelli told local media that Carroll was detained by local police, but did not say what charges he would face.

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