Victoria Beckham, Gywneth Paltrow or Irina Shayk: discover the beauty tricks of celebrities

Many are the celebrities who follow a daily care routine and share with their followers some ‘secrets’ to keep in good physical shape, clean skin or hydrated hair.

One of these figures is Victoria Beckhamwhich revealed which ‘drink’ you can’t miss in your daily life. “Two spoonfuls in the morning on an empty stomach!”, he revealed, explaining that he takes two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The ex-Spice Girl informs that this habit improves the absorption of nutrients and the reduction of sugar spikes, although the taste – says the businesswoman – is not pleasant.

Already Gwyneth Paltrowfounder of goop and known for her eccentric beauty tricks, revealed that she uses a gargle every morning with coconut oil. The actress explains that this is a traditional Indian medicine technique that helps her maintain good oral hygiene.

In addition to the businesswoman and the actress, other public figures also revealed their beauty tricks: Irina Shayk puts an ice cube on the face every morning to deflate the face, Kourtney Kardashian take a spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, Salma Hayek apply avocado to your hair to hydrate it, Elsa Pataky does the famous intermittent fasting and Blake Lively puts oil or mayonnaise on the ends of the hair before washing it, to help with hydration.

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