WHATSAPP releases option to REACT MESSAGES with any emoji

was released to Whatsapp last Monday (11), the option to react to messages with any emoji. The feature is an upgrade from the previous version, which limited the use of just six faces.

In addition to being able to react to a message, be it text, photo, video, audio or file, with any emoji, the user will also be able to use different skin tones according to the capacity of the sticker.

To check if the news has reached you, just press for a few seconds on a message. If a ‘+’ sign appears as a seventh option, it means that the feature is already available in your app.

On the button, you can select the desired emoji or even search for the magnifying glass icon. As usual, the functionality is being released gradually, so it is possible that it will take a while to arrive on your device.

WhatsApp lets you mute a user on a group call

Meta, the company responsible for Whatsapprecently implemented a feature on the messaging platform that allows you to mute specific people in group voice or video calls.

In practice, the tool is useful in the case of people who forgot to turn off the microphone or who are in the same room as you and don’t need to hear the same thing, for example.

In any case, it is important to note that the functionality is being released gradually. Therefore, it is possible that the option will take a while to appear for you in the application.

How to mute people on WhatsApp?

With the group call of the Whatsapp in progress, press and hold for a few seconds on the icon of the participant you want to mute. When the selection box appears, tap “Mute [nome da pessoa]”.

Immediately, the other party’s audio will no longer be heard on the call. When this happens, she will be notified of the action along with an instruction on how to undo the deactivation. Just tap the microphone button (at the bottom of the screen).

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