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Until Tuesday night, Vasco had just over 62,000 supporters – a thousand more than in the accountability report released the day before. Reflex of hit with the attacker. There was a significant leap in the first six months of 2022, with an increase of 15,000 members. Now with the help of influencers, impacted by the likely arrival of Alex Teixeira, the club outlines a plan to further boost the program.

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Vasco awaits conclusion of the deal to prepare actions with Alex Teixeira — Photo: Fred Lee/Getty Images

At first, Vasco asked some Vasco influencers to encourage the crowd to associate, in the wake of the negotiation with Alex Teixeira. In the last two days, several profiles have started a campaign for the club to reach 100,000 members on social networks.

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One of the leaders of the movement is Casimiro Miguel, who is a friend of Alex Teixeira. The influencer’s involvement was in the sense of “putting stack” on the attacker to come back. When Vasco was still cautious about hiring, Casimiro was already confident in the success of knowing the player’s desire to return to the team that revealed him, so much so that the proposal was quickly accepted. In his social networks, Vasco endorses the campaign to increase the number of partners.

– I did not interfere in the negotiation. I didn’t do anything other than what a regular fan would do, which is upset the guy, text him. I did not participate in the negotiation, it came from Vasco’s board of directors. I imagine you must have a marketing plan to announce it and also to attract partners, I hope so – said Casimiro live on his channel.

Alex Teixeira accepts proposal and sends return to Vasco

Alex Teixeira accepts proposal and sends return to Vasco

For now, it is not yet an official move by Vasco, but the marketing department prepares actions with the attacker after the conclusion of the deal. There are several ideas, but the club is awaiting the signing of the contract and wants to hear from Alex to what extent he is willing to get involved in actions.

There is optimism that the membership program will take an even bigger leap by the end of the month. In June, there was already a significant increase, and Vasco went from R$ 2.237 million collected in May to R$ 3.101 million with revenues from the Gigante Partner. There were almost 10 thousand new members.

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With more than 10 years playing at a high level outside Brazil and among Vasco’s main revelations in the 21st century, the negotiation with Alex Teixeira drove Vasco’s fans crazy and even the striker’s social networks had a significant increase in followers since last Monday. .

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The club’s idea is to explore the player’s image not only in the membership program, but in products and actions that generate financial returns. The planning will also go through the hands of 777 Partners, which should take control of SAF Vascaína by the beginning of next month.

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