3D avatars in WhatsApp video calls; check out this news

O Whatsapp, from the Meta group, started to develop some tools to increase the interaction between its users on the platform. In fact, a series of changes brought more connectivity and control in groups, such as polls, reactions to messages with emojis etc.

It was recently reported that they are working on a feature that allows the use of 3D avatars in video calls. In addition, they can also be used as stickers in conversations with friends. Find out more below.

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about the idea

According to the developers, the idea for this function emerged after the Covid-19 pandemic, where video calls became indispensable in the routine of families, educational institutions and companies. Through the implementation of avatars, calls can become more fun and help some shy people who don’t like to show up so much. In fact, the update takes a lot from the source of other applications, such as Instagram, which is also from the Meta group.

However, there is no official release date for video call avatars, but it doesn’t seem too far off. That’s because despite being still under development, the feature can already be viewed in the Android version. Over time, it’s likely to come to iOS, Web, and Windows as well. Experts say this could be a way to introduce and introduce the billions of users to the metaverse, Big Tech’s big bet.

the avatars

From what has been disclosed, the avatars should work as something similar to a Memoji/Bitmoji, where the user’s appearance will be scanned. Thus, it is possible for the character to be able to reproduce his facial expressions, body movements and even move his mouth at the same pace as we speak. To use it, just look for a button positioned next to the camera interface.

When it comes to stickers, it will also be possible to build packages with these avatars to be sent in groups or individual conversations. In this case, the user can use some predefined by the application itself or even use their own, through the character editing menu.

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