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A new report from Google points out that a large part of generation Z prefers to do research in the TikTok and not Instagram instead of using Google tools. The information was shared by the company’s senior vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, during the Brainstorm Tech conference.”Our studies show that nearly 40% of young people when looking for a place to have lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or TikTok or Instagram.”

According to the executive, the format of TikTok is changing the way young people use the internet. “New users don’t have the expectations and mindset that we’ve become accustomed to,” says Raghavan. “The questions they ask are completely different.”

Also according to Raghavan, Gen Z users do not tend to type in keywords to do specific searches, but rather seek to discover content in new and more immersive ways. He also explained how young people are often interested in “visually rich forms” of search and discovery, and that tools like Google Maps need to be even more updated to cater to the new audience. “We have to evoke completely new expectations and that requires completely new technological foundations.”

Google confirmed to TechCrunch that Raghavan’s comments were based on the company’s internal research of US users aged between 18 and 24. The full report, however, is yet to be released by the company.

Google also highlighted changes it plans to make to its search engine to appeal to a younger audience. Today, the company looks to combine images and text as it envisions a future where users can hold their phone — or perhaps wear AR glasses — to start a search based on what they see.

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