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Dorival had a plan. And the players made it even better.

In an impeccable and undeniable night, Flamengo eliminated Atlético-MG from the Copa do Brasil with authority and reminds us of that dilemma of an old biscuit commercial: the collective was so dominant because individually almost all the players had a great performance or almost all did you have a great performance because the collective was very well adjusted?

Dorival celebrates a goal by Arrascaeta, in Flamengo x Atlético-MG, for the Copa do Brasil — Photo: André Durão/ge

Flamengo fans are not worried about that. Thursday is to celebrate the best exhibition in a long time, with rain to wash the soul in the hell that the Maracanã was transformed in front of a Rooster that was stuck in the throat.

From the opening minute, Flamengo imposed itself against an opponent that at no time managed to balance the actions. Well adjusted in the positioning in the attack field, the team of Dorival Júnior pressured the exit of the ball of an Atlético that even managed to fit counterattacks.

Flamengo vs Atlético-MG - Best Moments

Flamengo vs Atlético-MG – Best Moments

Thiago Maia made his best performance with the red-black shirt and was decisive in losing and pressing, as was the always tireless João Gomes. With the more compact team, the midfielder duo had the need to disarm and already saw the ball left clean for Éverton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta to find spaces in the well-placed Atletica defense.

These spaces almost always appeared from the right, with Rodinei providing physical strength and depth. In the sector, Flamengo began to push Galo into their area and Everson made at least three great saves in the first half.

Arrascaeta decided for Flamengo — Photo: André Durão

However, Arrascaeta’s submission from a cart could not be held back after Pedro played the role of waiter. Great goal – thanks to the action of the centre-forward – which did justice to a first-half dominated by red and black.

Atlético even seemed to show more offensive impetus on the return of the break, but little effective. David Luiz and Léo Pereira took turns marking a Hulk who had little to talk to. Chance of finishing even just one, which was over the goal.

Flamengo was master of the game with an Éverton Ribeiro pulling solutions from the hat to find spaces, whether with passes or dribbles. If the goal that would direct the classification were to come out, everything indicated that it would be red and black. And it was, with Arrascaeta de peixinho after another assistance from Pedro on the first stick.

Watch the Flamengo players party after the final whistle at Maracanã

Watch the Flamengo players party after the final whistle at Maracanã

Maracanã exploded, and Atlético threw itself into the attack. Dorival exchanged Pedro for Marinho to explore the spaces with speed, and once again the plan worked. The striker left Júnior Alonso behind in a counterattack that resulted in the Paraguayan being sent off.

As much as the Minas Gerais team still appealed to chuveirinhos, Santos did not make a single save in seven submissions against Flamengo’s 21. Dorival had a plan. And he did very well!

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