Android: Beware, These Apps Have Hidden Malware

Android users are increasingly facing new malware that hides in various apps available on Google Play Store. The bad news is that these apps already have almost 3 million downloads.

After the terrible malware known as Revive or BRATA (which steals bank details), Android users are once again facing new malware, which this time hides in various apps from the Google Play Store. Titled “Autolycos”, the malware was recently discovered by a security researcher.

The malware has been detected so far in at least 8 Android apps available on the Play Store, which have been downloaded nearly 3 million times in total. Several of these malicious apps are no longer available on the Play Store, but two are still available for download from the Google Store.

Autolycos’ specialty is forcing users to subscribe to premium services. It is precisely against this practice that Microsoft recently warned users.

According to him, this malware is one of the most prevalent threats to Google’s operating system. It typically uses an infected device to connect to the payment pages of a paid service and forces the user to subscribe to the paid content and add the charge to the phone bill.

Among the 8 Android apps that contain the Autolycos malware, two are still available on the Play Store. These include Razer Keyboard & Theme by developer xcheldiolola and Funny Camera by KellyTech. Both have a total of 550,000 downloads. Other malicious apps are:

  • Vlog Star Video Editor – 1 million downloads
  • Creative 3D Launcher – 1 million downloads
  • Wow Beauty Camera – 100,000 thousand downloads
  • Gif Emoji Keyboard – 100,000 downloads
  • Freeglow Camera 1.0.0 – 5,000 downloads
  • Coco Camera v1.1 – 1,000 downloads

If you have one of these apps on your smartphone, it is recommended to uninstall it as soon as possible. Google already received a report about them in June 2021, but the American company took more than 6 months to delete them.

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