Argentine inflation growth leaves iPhone with unbelievable prices

In Argentina, the iPhone 13, launched in September last year, is priced at 1,007,149 pesos, equivalent to R$42,000. Amid the crisis, electronic devices that are imported have undergone readjustment. Therefore, they became even more expensive, demonstrating that the monetary problems have been demanding many restrictions from local organizations.

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Argentines are saving with Bolivia’s national currency, given the desperation of the loss of purchasing power. The level of instability impacts the commercial relationship with other suppliers, depleting some markets. The law that restricts access to the dollar configures the need to implement new measures, avoiding the imbalance of the family budget.

Soaring iPhone prices in Argentina reveal the country’s economic crisis

The pandemic only deepened the monetary emergency that divides South America, causing the population to criticize the government. This inflationary war has deepened inequalities and in just one week, the country registered a 20% growth in inflation. In addition to durable items, grocery shopping began to be affected by the lack of supply.

The price of cell phones is just a demonstration of the lack of control of the world economy, experienced by some countries. Access to food and basic necessities was affected after the pandemic, but certain localities are losing their productivity. The Argentine economic crisis serves as a warning to Brazil, which needs to make efforts to control high inflation as soon as possible.

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