Batman and violence in cities

Fear is a common emotion for human beings, we will all feel it at some point in our lives, especially if you are a woman and live in a big city – full of robberies, thefts, deaths, rapes and femicide. With almost three hours long, the film Batman (2022) — The Batman, in the original — delves into the darker side of this character and opens up the violence, corruption and fear that permeate large cities.

Next, learn about the story of the Batman movie and understand the social issues explored.

batman - movie 2022 - violence
Batman movie brings reflections on violence. | Photo: Playback / Pinterest

the plot of Batman

Directed by Matt Reeves, the film tells a story that fans of superhero movies know all too well. Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) saw his parents killed when he was just eight years old, by a — until then — common assailant. An only child and heir to Wayne Industries, Bruce has grown up to be a lonely man who sees violence as a form of justice. Thus, he became Batman, Gotham’s vigilante.

In the feature, the bat is in his second year acting, and finds himself involved in an investigation of a serial killer. Titled as Riddler (Paul Dano), the antagonist leaves, in his murders, a series of clues for Batman, who tries to unravel the mystery along with Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Seline (Zoë Kravitz).

Violence outside of fiction

Despite being a fictional city in the world of DC Comics, Gotham City has several similarities with several cities around the world that have high rates of corruption, crime and violence. Among them, São Paulo, which until January of this year recorded 642 robberies in general per day, according to data from the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP). This means that there was almost one robbery every two minutes in that period.

In addition, the number of robberies – theft followed by death – also increased. In 2020, there were 46 registrations, that is, 11.5 each quarter. The following year, 53 cases were recorded, with an average of 13, and between January and March of this year there were 17. With the relaxation of quarantine restrictions, this number tends to increase.

Perhaps this is one of the geniuses of the Batman story: showing the cruelty of the ordinary. Batman doesn’t have superpowers or comes from another planet, but like many of us, he went through something that changed him completely.

Despite his wealth and lifestyle, Batman may be one of the most humane superheroes of all. He gets hurt, makes mistakes, gets lost and has to deal with his fears, at the same time he deals with the uncertainties of the present. The famous song “Something in the Way”, by the band Nirvana, present in the film’s soundtrack, contributes to this mixture of feelings, inserting us into the reality treated.

Although the plot got lost a little over the hours of the movie, Reeves knew how to work with the ordinary and show other sides of the vigilante. In addition, he brought essential questions about life and the importance of dealing with our fears, or they will consume us.

By Geovana Ferreira de Sá – Speak! Mackenzie

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