Ceará vs Fortaleza live for the 2022 Copa do Brasil; follow broadcast

The night will be a decision for Ceará football and only one team from the capital will continue to represent the state in the Copa do Brasil. This Wednesday, 13th, at 8 pm, Ceará and Fortaleza will star in the second King’s Classic valid for the round of 16 of the tournament, a confrontation that promises great emotions at Arena Castelão. The duel, in addition to all the natural importance due to the rivalry involved on the field, also has the prestige of the classification and a millionaire amount in prize. Follow the broadcast of the game with narration from Radio O POVO CBN.

Ceará vs Fortaleza live: listen via Youtube

Ceará vs Fortaleza live: listen via Facebook

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Ceara and Fortaleza lineups

Ceará: João Ricardo; Nino Paraóba, Messias, Luiz Otávio, Victor Luís; Richardson, Richard Coelho; Lima, Vina, Mendoza; Zé Roberto. Tech: Marquinhos Santos.

Fortress: Fernando Miguel; Ceballos, Benevenuto, Titi; Pikachu, Zé Welison, Ronald, Hercules, J. Capixaba; Romarinho, Moses. Tech: Vojvoda

How Ceará and Fortaleza arrive for the game

Among the absences, Vojvoda will not be able to count on injured Robson, Tinga and Landázuri. On the other hand, Capixaba, Ronald and Lucas Lima, who were out of the game against Palmeiras, for Serie A, return. The match against Ceará will also mark the farewell of Yago Pikachu do Leão, as the athlete is ready to transfer to Japanese football.

On the white side, Marquinhos Santos will have only one absence, that of Erick, who is recovering from surgery. Absence in the last two classics, striker Mendoza, Vovô’s top scorer in the season and main offensive player of the team, will be available to act.

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